3D Animation Questions

I have been speaking with 3D Animation company MindShow and they have been getting excited at the prospects of working with the Nouns community to create a show. I’ve noticed a lot of media ideas haven’t panned out too well on here and just wanted to see what ideas the community has for what an animated show would look like.

Ultimately, the creative would probably rest in the hands of a team, but getting the vibe of the community would be really helpful for making some mock-ups. What would be the key concepts, ideas, or messages for the show?

Would NounsDAO be interested in being the first DAO to be an executive producer by approving a series concept? Then would we need to create a physical entity to be paid by traditional media if we sell the show to a Netflix, Hulu, etc?

It makes a lot of sense to get into mainstream media if we want to proliferate Nouns and it would be great to get some community feedback on what this would look like.

Noun 103 :wink:

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Hey @cc5alive

I agree with you I personally believe that it is extremely risky to be investing in media ideas without budgets, schedules, oversight and the like.

However, there is hope… Enter the NOUNERS.

Although our show, THE NOUNERS, is not 3D animated and more traditional, we are trying to show the DAO that there can be a process where great media projects can be properly supervised and shuffled along so as to minimize risk. As a professional executive producer of feature films, tv, and media my job is to institute safeguards rather than any gatekeeping. On the Nouners project we decided to cover the costs of our own animatic, then requested a modest sum for NSFW Grants to fund the pilot, and then if successful we plan to pitch the full DAO for our first season. I’m not saying we’re the only way, but I think a stepped process protects everyone involved.

Additionally, because web3 and Nouns are permissionless, I’ve already begun the process of researching and launching a physical entity on-chain that can interact with proper traditional media and receive profits and disperse them (I’m a lawyer too). As well as I am building a netflix or should I say Nounsflix style media home for all professional Nounish content.

I’d love to contribute in any way possible to this. Happy to connect and talk more about anything film, tv, media, film3 and more.

Cheers, Rekola

Shows are expensive to produce. That being said, I think the way to approach this is to make a concept for a low budget (can do an animatic or storyboards etc) and fully communicate the idea to the Nouners. From there, in my mind, it would be easier to garner funding for the next steps once people are excited about it and can see the vision. Happy to ideate always!