Small Grants: Nouns 2D Animation series “Battle for Nounia” New request

Hello, Nouners.
Link to proposal:

I would like to appreciate everyone who took out time to review our proposal. From community feedbacks gotten, we would like request a smaller amount to enable us create a 20 - 40 secs animation pilot clip of this amazing cartoon series we’d love to create for the community.

We are requesting 5 ETH to create this pilot video.

Description Price (ETH)
Scripting, animation, compositing, grading - 3.2 ETH
Sound design and mixing - 0.5 ETH
Voice Over actors - 1.3 ETH
Total - 5 ETH

2 - 3 weeks with a start date on or before February 5th.

This animation clip will be made available as ‘CC0’ (as well as all the main series episodes) and accessible to the community to be used for reels and more.


  • 20 - 40 secs animation pilot of Battle for Nounia for community review.


Here is the Teaser video for this project: