Proposal: Nouns Stories

Some sample/experimental work from both the Nouns Stories team as well as some community members’ derivatives. This is for illustrative purposes only, none of these works are to be considered confirmed directions for any particular short film project. Consider them an amuse-bouche. Image credits (starting top left): Pixel, @Medeebzzz, @brnr & @StudioDAO, Pixel, @goldypix, @xaix2k & kazestudios, @baggins_fomo, Pixel.

Make 4x Nouns-based short films of different genres, aesthetics, and techniques, to see nouns come to life and help kick-start the nouns storytelling ecosystem.

Nouns in Motion
How do Nouns come to life? Let’s make it happen and find out!

To contribute to the elevation of Nouns to cultural icon status, broaden the scope and understanding of what the Nouns characters can be, and also to encourage contribution and interactivity in Nouns-art-making, we will create 4 short films centered around Nouns.

We will explore the creative potential of Nouns by making each film with totally different genres and techniques. From this we will learn what works, what doesn’t, and inform what motion strategies we should explore next.

These short films will be the first of their kind, and hopefully will inspire other creators from the broader community to generate more motion projects featuring the Nouns.

This is just a first step to dip Nouns’ toes in the water of motion storytelling and for us all to learn. We have grand ideas for how this first step can seed one or potentially many Nouns content projects, including but not limited to: creating even more elevated Nouns content, creating a platform for Nouns in motion (or Nouns art generally), an ongoing narrative series, curated anthologies from artists around the world, and community-contributed storytelling.

The Films
We want to cover as many genres and techniques as possible to be able to experiment and learn from how Nouns translate into all these different outcomes. Ideally, no two films will cover the same ground. Let’s explore…

Genres: drama, comedy, experimental, family, action, adventure, romance, adventure, musical, thriller…

Medium / Technique: Pixel art, traditional 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, live action, puppetry, augmented reality…

Award winning hybrid production company Pixel and web3 media collective StudioDAO will form the Nouns Stories team and collaborate to create all 4 films. Each film will have a different director but may share some production team members.

Distribution & Sale
We are currently thinking about releasing one film per week for a month in 2022 (but are open to suggestions or ideas on this). It would be great to premiere them at noun’o’clock every monday for example The films will be made as accessible as possible and shared for free, potentially on many networks and platforms. We believe Nouns content should not be gatekept, our goal should be to reach the largest audience possible (and encourage others to do so).

The films themselves will be CC0 and everyone will be encouraged to use them however they wish. NounsStories team may decide that its a good idea to enter the films into festivals or other events or platforms around the world to increase both reach and gain prestige. The films shall always remain accessible online (and free) however, and we should not ever conform to any requests to pull them down in order to participate in an event (some film festivals may require this in order to screen at their events).

The films might also be minted as NFTs, ideally on a custom NounsStories contract, and auctioned off (and pending the level of success, perhaps assets, elements from the production, or offshoot artwork and content could be minted too). Ideally the royalites from these sales would go to the artists that are responsible for the film’s creation.

Contributors & Compensation

  • 7 ETH for the production of each film
  • 28 ETH total


  • Role: Nouns Stories Creative Direction team + Production Company on 3 films + Marketing and festivals
  • Compensation: 21 ETH
  • Wallet: 0x5184782cC00E90D2E0C82A8f22729f7f38a572B8
  • Handle: @goldypix (on behalf of Pixel)


  • Role: Nouns Stories Creative Direction team + Production Company on 1 films
  • Compensation: 7 ETH
  • Wallet: 0x09907f01d6192192f767deFB01C7Ee10cF82c24c
  • Handle: @studioDao

Project Timeline

  • Development and Pre Production: 2 months
  • Production & Post Production: 2 months
  • Film Launch: 1 per week for 1 month

Meet the NounStories Team
As a production company, Pixel has been creating award winning short form content for over a decade. We’re a highly collaborative team of producers, writers, directors, designers, animators, and technicians, that specialises in all things hybrid and animation.

Following the success of Goldy’s acclaimed stop motion short film Lost and Found, we created the Original Content department at Pixel, with the sole focus on creating beautiful and meaningful narrative work, with a unique aesthetic that is intimately connected to the story we’re telling.

Goldy, is an Oscar® shortlisted, Annie nominated, Australian Academy, Directors Guild, and Webby award-winning director and co-owner of hybrid production company Pixel. His heartfelt stop motion short film Lost & Found, has been viewed over 10 million times online, bringing tears to the eyes of a global audience.

Goldy has been an active member of the Nouns community since its formation, with a compulsion for finding small ways to tell stories with Nouns, from Nouns movie trivia games, to poetry, comic strips, remixing imagery of daily Noun auctions, and his own art derivative project. Goldy is also a founding member of SharkDAO, an admin of the Shark discord, and is the current representative of SharkDAO on the Nouns server.

Studiodao’s mission is to develop a protocol that empowers creators to finance and control their own work, eliminating the restrictive features inherent in the standard practices of centralized media companies.

studiodao is redefining the role and popular notion of ‘studio’ and creating a new value proposition for creators and fans in entertainment and sports – driven by the adoption of NFTs in 2021 and beyond.

kenbot a.k.a Kenny Miller
A creative and entrepreneurial leader, kenbot develops brands that target white spaces in digital media and the businesses that make them sustainable and disruptive.

From the launch of Quicktime to video games, social networking, user-generated content, streaming media, dynamic ad models, and now NFTs, Kenny’s focus has always been on engaging audiences. This path has led to iconic work for culture-defining brands such as Apple, Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, MTV, The Walking Dead, Netflix, and the New York Knicks. His work has connected deeply with users of all ages worldwide.

Kenny has been an active member of the Nouns community from rinkeby, is a founding member of SharkDAO, and the founder of studiodao.

(post updated to include wallet addresses)


:wave: Nouns and noun community. This is a draft of our proposal. We’d love to hear thoughts and feedback and ideas from all. If there are details you think we should add/address or questions to ask, please let us know.

We have big big big ideas and aspirations for nouns content but want to focus for now in kickstarting some high quality content to experiment, learn, proliferate nouns and have fun!

Looking forward to hearing from you all :pray:


The team at studiodao is excited to be a part of this project and participate in the expansion of nouns as a cultural force.

Here is an example of a test short that a cofounder of studio put together to examine production techniques and our ability to create scenarios where we can see our nouns react to all sorts of situations.


I loved that pineapple short, especially the ending!

I think it’s great idea to experiment with all types of art styles, genres, and tones. Since this is all CC0 and permissionless infrastructure I think the right approach is to just throw a lot at the wall and see what sticks - it will quickly become clear what resonates with the largest audience and becomes popular.

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Thanks! So glad you liked it.

The chunk (iykyk) became its own meme when we were making it.

Ha. I love it too kenbot. The nouns stories team has some serious talent so no doubt will make an impact.


Had a sense of deja vu watching Lost & found so must have seen it before. Could happily watch many times more. Really conveys the emotion. I’m all for the proposal. The more people who get to engage with a noun the better and sending them out into the world at such a high standard is only respectful.


I love this proposal.
Being a filmmaker myself and a big fan of Goldy’s work, this is the project I truly believe in.
Nouns have all the attributes and appeal to become great characters.
From short art films to full-on superhero blockbusters.

I have always liked the idea that with Nouns we can use NFTs to make a difference in the real world.
And I am constantly thinking of ways to bring non-crypto people to join Nouns.
I believe movies are the best tool to accomplish that.

My first thought is a LEGO stop motion animation, with no dialogue.
Zig and Sharko/Larva like. Smart, fun, fast-paced short story for kids and adults.
What do you think, Goldy?

I wish you and your team all the best.
I am excited to follow the progress here and hopefully be a part of a team producing Nouns content in the future.

I see that is taken, I assume by the Nounders?
So, watch out Disney :wink:


I found a filmmaker friend of mine in Lost & found’s comments saying his daughter watches it every day :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind words!

Love these ideas @leoclark!
The problem ive been having is how to figure out which few ideas to execute, so many good potential directions to go in, and now youve added even more hahaha!

Thanks for the support, will reach out down the line as we’re forming a brains trust :brain:

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Absolutely love the idea and the examples of the work speak for themselves. Lost & Found is brilliant, storyline, characters, sounds, effects, everything. Wow! Pineapple example is incredible too - hard lol at that ending. Personally, fully supportive of this proposal!


Love this. Can’t say enough great things about Goldy, excited for this proposal!


Great proposal. Could bootstrap a whole wave of Nouns based stories.


Thanks, that is definitely one of the things we hope for!