The problem with Nouns-sponsored Video Content - Analysis

A recurring theme is that artists create great Nouns-related videos but merely deliver the video. The distribution is either left up to the nouns DAO or it doesn’t happen at all which results in the numbers below. In some cases, the focus of the project is on self-distributing by starting new social media channels. These always have a very slow ramp-up process and a low total amount of subscribers. We see extremely large costs for a very low total viewership due to no proper distribution strategy and having to readdress the audience ramp-up problem. In addition, a lot of the viewership is intersecting with existing members/fans of the Nouns brand making the projects even less effective in terms of outreach.

Info: Below stats we are looking at youtube viewership only. Most props use this as the main place to post their final output. Yes, I understand they promote the process on Twitter and sometimes use Instagram as a place of output. But the stats on those platforms have a far lower “engagement per view” and therefore a lower impact than youtube. Yet, comparing the numbers on most of the props, it turns out the youtube numbers are analogous to the props viewership on other social platforms. Even if you multiply x50 to account for the other social channels it turns out the investments are ineffective and can be improved on with a different strategy of choosing content creators.

Prop USDC cost Youtube Viewership Cost per view
113 212K 17K 12,47
197 117K 18K 6,55
165 160K
64 109K 20K 5,54
143 969K 19K 51,00
181 245K 98K 2,50
180+29+259 211K 7K 30,14
179 60K 122 491,80
73 1.2M ?
71 21K Video offline
245 125K 15K 0,83
317 375K wip
256 156K wip (?)
289 969K Wip
397 1.795M Wip
Total spending 6.724.000 US$ Median cost per view 12,47 US$

On top of that the audience is not always a primary fit for Nouns. I understand that they follow the strategy of expanding the brand instead of directly attracting potential Nouns. Logically, they should therefore have a large reach and cheaper cost as the trickle down effect to reaching Nouns buyers is small. The inverse is currently true.

In previous proposals, risk of delivery or delays is high. A proper tracker for video delivery by paying in milestones is an idea to circumvent that.

My proposal:
With the proposal at the bottom I believe I can improve on the stats as I will take care of distribution through my existing channel which i.e. in the last 3 videos has an avg. of 500K views. If we assume that I’ll be able to achieve the same viewcount with the new videos described in the proposals (and keep in mind they are of even higher quality) this totals 500K*10 = 5million views resulting in a cost per view of 80K/5M = 0.016$

A 700x improvement over the median view cost of previous nouns-related videos. Avg. view cost is even higher. It doesn’t count in the numerous videos that were not delivered at all.

The main audience of my videos consist of tech and startup-adjacent people which is the main demographic relevant to Nouns currently. This audience historically has had the most fit with Nouns, primarily because they also had the financial power needed to join the DAO as a Noun. This isn’t true with the other videos that are being marketed to a wider audience.

Finally, in my case half of the videos are finished, and the channel is already existent so risk of not delivering is low.

Regarding any critique to this analysis concerning only looking at YouTube views here. It helps the comparison as the primary target of distributing the video output is often YouTube. Keep in mind that viewership stats on other platforms like Twitter have been critiqued lately for not representing real engagement. Nevertheless, views on other channels are also significantly shorter than on YouTube resulting in a lowers engagement and potential understanding of Nouns. So I think it is fair to look at this platform isolated.

In short: My proposal below is different from others because I’ll be focusing on distribution on an existing channel proven through past successes and in addition focussing on a target group that is a better fit for Nouns than with other proposals.

Proposal: NounsDAO on VC/Founder interview series