Marketing Studio for Nouns-funded Projects


  • Fund a studio to create short videos telling the world about the projects that Nouns fund.
  • Offer builders to tap into a marketing studio with Noun-specific expertise, free of charge.
  • We will work with builders to tell their project’s story in the most digestible and compelling way.
  • We will edit these videos to fit the formats of the top social media platforms.
  • These videos will be shared on dedicated social media accounts, with the aim of making them as viral as possible, reaching new audiences and amplifying the reach of the projects we have funded.

The problem

  • Prop builders don’t necessarily have the skills/resources/time to execute a marketing campaign for their projects.
  • Wonderful projects with really great output are not being amplified and we are missing out on a lot of noun proliferation potential.
  • It’s difficult to explain what Nouns are to the world.

The solution

  • We propose to build a team dedicated to market the projects that Nouns fund.
  • We will offer the most promising projects the option to work with us closely to produce a video that markets their project.
  • We will do whatever is necessary to make the videos as compelling and impactful as possible, like:
    • Develop a compelling story about the project.
    • Send a film crew to the builder’s studio for an interview and B-roll footage.
    • Edit the video in different formats for different social media platforms.
    • Publish the videos on social media accounts - on all major social media outlets: twitter, facebook, instagram, tiktok, and youtube.
    • Manage interaction with social media followers

Why is this awesome?

  • Tell the Nouns story via the projects we fund

    • The best way to tell the story of Nouns is via its builders. The projects and builders that the treasury funds are what is nounish. The substance of the proposals are the most compelling and accessible narratives of Nouns DAO. These stories will also attract more builders to submit proposals to the protocol.
  • Let the builders focus on building

    • Builders don’t have to be marketing experts.
    • Let the builders focus on delivering their projects in the best way - and let us produce them the video marketing assets they need.
  • Use the treasury in the most effective way

    • An awesome Nouns-funded project that not many know about is a waste of our treasury.
    • We will make sure to amplify the work that’s being done by our prop builders and reach a wide audience.
  • CC0 Nouns Video Stock

    • Similar to public domain stock videos, all footage that we will gather in the process of producing these videos will be CC0 and available online
    • This will enable composability of our storytelling:
      • Anyone will be able to use the footage to create videos about Nouns
      • The footage will be great for a future Nouns documentary
    • This will enable more “memetic stimulus”: more visual content from our projects can result in more nounish memes!

Scope of The Pilot

  • Work with builders to create videos telling the stories of 4 projects:
    • Confirmed:
      • 100 DAYS OF NOUNS (Coloring Book Series) by Messhup
    • Other projects we would love to work with (if you’re the builder and are interested, please reach out):
      • TSP x Nouns: Skateboard Design and Giveaway
      • Hong Kong Takeover
      • Luxury Noun sunglasses
      • 3D printed fashion
      • Frog naming
      • Nouns Psychogeography Sculpture with Dustin Yellin
  • Setup new social accounts for Nounish on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & YouTube
  • Share videos to social media accounts and manage reception



  • Strategy, scriptwriting, and storytelling
  • Coordinating with builders
  • Manage socials

Goldy & Pixel

  • Strategy, scriptwriting, and storytelling
  • All video production: from footage to edited files, film crews
  • Visual brand assets

40 ETH for this pilot (4 published videos)

Please share any feedback!

Thank you!
142 & Goldy


Love the concept. I think marketing help could go a long way to help Nouns-funded projects realize their full potential. + 142/Goldy is a dream team.

I also like the structure: 40 ETH = 4 published videos. Clean and simple trial run :clap:


I think that this is much needed for many builders regardless of skill sets
I think that you can get Metamonk to implement some of heir design guidelines from their prop house to get your videos a nice uniform/branded look so that they stand out from all others tat will come.

Love this idea, thank you


I think this is a great idea and (if done well) would really push builders/creators to consider building on top of Nouns.

I’ve been trying (and mostly failing) to get across the idea that the Nouns protocol is the platonic ideal of a meritocratic system. Beyond that, the platform gives you an incredibly underrated edge as a builder. The problem is that I don’t think this is currently well understood by folks outside the community. So really well-made content could help fill that gap – and help catalyze growth so that nouns gets 10x the number of proposals.

more builders === more proliferation


It’s needed, it boosts existing proposals’ works, the people involved all have track records, and its scope is straight forward. Would have my votes.


Great Idea, it is absolutely needed (as I builder I spend my time between building, biz dev and marketing.) Looking forward to see it happen.

I would also love to also see a sort of 1m fast pace “reel” of all nounish projects, just to realize the amount of creativity the nouns unleashed.


Great idea, we started throwing around a proposals “round up” idea that would maybe happen every X amount of proposals too.

Love this and want to help. Would love help telling the story of Noun Frames for Kids.


get Nate to write songs about the projects when they are delivered!


this is a very cool idea!

Have been thinking about the Noun Frames for Kids project as a great candidate, seems like there would be lots of great footage to capture just from seeing some of your photos that youve shared from on the ground.

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Awesome proposal @Noun142.
Are you thinking of marketing campaigns/videos with a unique Nouns “corporate” design or will there be different styles for each project?

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A marketing studio dedicated to promoting nounish projects sounds like a great idea.
Also love the idea of CC0 stock video bank, lets’s expand the CC0 universe!


The OPTICS on that one would be exceptional

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strong support for this, will allow builders to continue to focus on creating the nounish things/art/experiences while providing the DAO with much needed coverage, story telling, distribution

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This is a very useful resource for the builders that may not have the marketing or promo experience to get the word out about their projects. We have always done our own promos but it would be amazing to have a dedicated resource to use as well as contribute to. I think that as we build out “NOUNish resources” it would also be important to note that while it is recommended to use the network it is not a requirement. Happy to share any of the things that we have learned over the years of promoting kickstarters, events and product launches.

Awesome proposal; I’m sure it’s gonna accelerate proliferation big time!

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