Nounish: Marketing Studio for Nouns ⌐◨-◨


  • Fund nounish, a creative agency dedicated to the proliferation of nouns, to tell the story of nouns and its builders through video.
  • A team of 10 people; Essentially turning Pixel, Goldy’s production company, to be nouns dedicated.
  • Lead by Goldy & 142.
  • 6 months of operations.
  • $969K requested.


  • Long-term Vision
    • Help make Nouns a highly recognizable brand globally and inspire ambitious builders to build on the protocol.
  • Objectives for this proposal
    1. Help everyone, including non-crypto audiences, understand what Nouns are.
    2. Onboard new builders & inspire current builders to make ambitious and impactful proposals.
    3. Rally the Nouns community around projects that we’ve funded and empower it to share the Nouns story with the world.
    4. Enable builders to use our content to ease interactions with brands & non-crypto organizations.
  • Strategy
    • Make our YouTube channel an onboarding tool to Nouns DAO.
      • Make the channel’s page a shareable, digestible, and entertaining repository of videos that covers what Nouns DAO does and funds.
    • Produce & publish high quality videos about the most promising projects Nouns DAO funds, to tell their stories in an accessible way.
    • Publish dozens of “Nouns Explainers” to make it easy to learn about the many layers of Nouns.
    • Keep a pulse on projects’ progress and share compelling updates on our social media accounts daily.
  • Deliverables
    • 8-10 high production value long-form videos (similar to these ones).
    • 140+ short form videos (similar to these ones).
    • Daily posts sharing updates from builders on our social media accounts (examples 1 2 3)
    • Publish a CC0 video bank with our raw footage for anyone to use.
  • Accountability
    • Form a Steering Committee: comprising of 4156 & 2 more trusted community members.
      • Provide this committee with frequent updates on our strategy and get their feedback & guidance. We also want this committee to keep us accountable.
    • Community involvement: Monthly reports + open discord call with the DAO.
  • Staffing & Resources
    • A team of 10: 6 full-time & 4 part-time (142, Goldy & the entire Pixel team)
    • At least 10 shoot days around the world.

Prop 64 recap

With Prop 64 we were funded to the tune of 40 ETH ($109K) for a pilot to publish 4 long-form videos that tell the stories of our builders.

What we’ve delivered

Long-form Videos



CC0 Raw Footage Bank

In a few days we will be sharing raw footage from our shoot days with Salvino, Gnars, Dustin Yellin, and Free Glasses projects.

  • We would like to see our footage used by other builders and content creators for their needs.
  • Our vision is for this footage bank to be used in the future for documentaries and other content produced about Nouns.


nounish content is used to help other builders

Our videos have helped other DAO members to explain nouns to non-crypto audiences:

nounish content is shared by large organizations

Fitz Frames Skatepark Project Retweet

The next 6 months

The Challenges We Want To Tackle

From Prop 64:

  • Prop builders don’t necessarily have the skills/resources/time to execute a marketing campaign for their projects.
  • Wonderful projects with really great output are not being amplified and we are missing out on a lot of noun proliferation potential.
  • It’s difficult to explain what Nouns are to the world.

We believe that the problems we outlined in Prop 64 still exist. Most of the amazing projects that Nouns funds need help telling their story, and video is the best way to do so.

With compelling videos about builders’ projects, Nouns DAO is able to amplify the stories of the projects it funds and get significant more bang for its buck.

With video, we are able to tell a much deeper and colorful story and evoke much more emotion. By scaling up video production, we hope to 10x the proliferation of the meme.

What we will deliver as part of this prop

Nounish across all social networks

A team of 10 will spend the next 6 months churning out high quality video content about Nouns and its builders.

We plan to work on all leading major Social Media networks. We have started building a following on Twitter and Instagram. We will also invest more cycles into building out our Facebook & TikTok presence.

But our main focus will be on YouTube, where you can expect our channel to become the easiest way to get into the Nouns rabbit hole and come out understanding all the key concepts of the DAO, as well as learn about the most inspiring projects being built on the protocol.

Our YouTube channel will become a video learning hub for everything nouns-related

Videos about the most inspiring proposals

There are so many amazing stories to tell about nouns-funded projects that can get so much more depth with good video content covering them.

Here are some of the proposals we would love to make content about!

We will produce & publish as many videos as we can about some of these proposals (and new ones that come in).

You can expect at least 8 long form videos as well as 140+ short form videos published by nounish.

LONG FORM Candidates (not exhaustive)

  • Rose parade / Stoopid Buddy
  • E Sports
  • Nouns Fashion: Nouns Brand & Dopamine & Danit Peleg & Madhappy
  • Xanadu
  • Prop House
  • Dustin Ep 2
  • Free Glasses Ep 2
  • Edible Nouns: Moonbeans + Nouns Coffee
  • Children’s Book
  • Luxury Glasses
  • NounWorks: Fun Frames, Pins, etc.
  • The Wizard’s Hat
  • Sofubi Dolls
  • The Noun Square
  • Nounish

SHORT FORM Candidates (not exhaustive)

  • Mucho Love
  • John Hamon
  • Noundry
  • Nouns front ends
  • Nouns Brazil
  • Nouns Comics
  • CC0 Spacebank
  • Bidder POAP
  • Goat Club / Memes
  • 3D Nouns
  • iOS App
  • Coloring Books
  • Super Bowl commercial
  • Murals, posters, art around the world

Nouns Explained (bitesized & long-form)

We want to make it easy for anyone to understand Nouns and the DAO. And specifically, we want to help onboard potential builders.

We will create a suite of high quality videos explaining the key concepts of Nouns.

Some of the concepts we would like to produce videos for:

  • What is Prop House and how to get funded
  • What can you build on Nouns? Inspiring builders with bid ideas.
  • What is Noun O’Clock?
  • What is FOMO and how does it work?
  • What is CC0?
  • How do props get funded?
  • Where to start with Nouns DAO?
  • How does the Nouns auction work?
  • What happens when you join Nouns DAO? (so you joined Nouns DAO… what next?)
  • What does “on-chain” mean?
  • How does voting (governance) on Nouns DAO work?

Who are we

142 & Goldy


Noun-pilled marketer/product/growth person. Involved in the Nouns community since Noun #2.

  • Co-Founded “The Noun Square” (Prop 101)
  • Builder of “The Noun O’Clock Client” proposal #777
  • Built Prop 4 as part of the Verbs team
  • Started & led a dozen Weekly Nouner World Call


Filmmaker & production studio owner. Community member since TestNet.

  • Founder of SharkDAO
  • Founder of GOAT Club (100+ nounish reaction gifs goldypix's GIFs on Tenor) and Mixed Nouns
  • Creator and lead of Prop 20 - Nouns Stories (1st motion storytelling prop, premiering 1st short film soon!)
  • Noundry project committee member


Pixel is a renowned boutique production company based in Melbourne, Australia. They’re experts in making tricky things happen, and believe that clever, complex, and wonderful ideas need nurturing from beginning to end. So they script, design, shoot, animate and finish projects in-house. They have worked across campaigns for world class brands including Adidas, Coca Cola, Toyota, Target, and Sesame Street.

Goldy, Haley, and John

Our Team

  • 142: Lead / Growth / Builder Relations
    • 142 has built & marketed products that have grown from 0 to 100s of millions of users. He has led marketing teams in multiple successful startups. He loves identifying trends early and telling about them to the world. Working on Nouns is a perfect fit for 142 as he thrives most at the intersection of art, community, and tech.
  • Goldy: Lead / Creative Director / Editor
    • Goldy is an Oscar shortlisted filmmaker with over a decade’s experience as a commercial director known for striking style and experimental techniques. Goldy joined Pixel as a partner in 2017. His obsession with Nouns has evolved from an odd quirk to a passion that has changed Pixel’s trajectory.
  • John Gavin: Creative Director / Editor
    • John is the Co-founder of Pixel and has run the business for 16 years. He’s a storyteller, known for his polished, design-driven projects. His practice blurs the lines between animation, technology, and design. John is a hardcore space-enthusiast who mixes up a mean negroni. He has been noun-pilled by his own work on Nounish (now the proud owner of a pair of Nouns Vision glasses in classic red).
  • Haley Polacik: Executive Producer
    • Haley has over 15 years experience producing film shoots, post production, and animation. As an award winning Exec Producer and Partner at Pixel for the past decade her skills and knowledge are essentially boundless. Haley’s skills even extend to being the best at fill-your-glass-up-as-high-as-possible-without-spilling-it which, in a studio rife with completely ridiculous competitive games, is no small feat.
  • Meline Samson: Producer / Editor
    • Meline is an impassioned storyteller, and lover of cinema. For her it’s all about the harmony between the narrative and aesthetic. She brings her french elegance and eye for details to the table with 10 years of experience as a producer she knows how to make things done with accuracy and kindness. As a frenchy living in Australia she is the ambassador of cheese ‘o clock at Pixel.
  • Guy Franklin: Director / Editor (part time)
    • Guy loves big ideas that seem a little scary at first. He’s a specialist in visuals with movement, colour and stories that explore humanity. He’s very comfortable on both the tennis court and the d-floor.
  • Rebecca Moore: Producer (part time)
    • Bec is the organisational heart of Pixel. She manages the studio, produces, copywrites, makes a sweet charcuterie platter. With a background in film and creative writing, and a masters in Arts Management, Bec combines fierce organisation and creativity in he role as producer at Pixel. Aside from being a multi-tasking kween, she also sings in an a cappella group and has a Nouns musical percolating in her brain just waiting to be unleashed.
  • Liam Gordes: Editor (part time)
    • Liam has been directing and editing for screen for the past decade, ranging from short films to web series, and TV commercials. Liam is a big believer in the power of collaboration.
  • Dylan Hornsby: Editor (part time)
    • Dylan is educated in marketing but has honed his craft as a filmmaker over the past decade, creating award winning shorts films, online content, and TV commercials. Creative problem solving is a sport for Dylan.
  • Hiring: Social Media Admin

Steering Committee

We will form a 3-person steering committee to help us deal with strategic dilemmas, get feedback on our work, and help us get expert advice on social media growth strategies.

4156 has graciously agreed to be on this committee. We are seeking and speaking to other potential candidates who are subject matter experts (we are specifically looking for a YouTube content & growth expert).


  • Team Compensation + Fixed Costs - $775K
  • 10+ Shoot Days Globally - $113K
  • Growth Experiments (ads, platform-specific experts) - $24K
  • Travel (NFT London, Rose Parade, and 2 more TBD) - $21.5K
  • Steering Committee Stipend ($1k/mo per member) - $18K
  • Legal & forex fees - $17.5K

Total: $969K


Easy call. Superstar team doing extremely high quality work.

Yes please!

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No brainer. Impecable work, top quality. Keep it up. ༼ つ ◧-◧ ༽つ

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YES 100%. I need more nounish videos in my life, love all of em! :blush:

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Yes! This is a great idea! I would love to join this to make Portuguese Brazilian versions of every video aforementioned & co-producing content for regional props

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Love this! Great work and as we at the Nouns Press Corps go out to Journalists, your videos are so valuable! Yes. Yes. Yes. Great work team!

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As a believer in multimedia and content having the most reach for Nouns- this is IT. Love the path, team, quality of work and couldn’t ask for a better push for the community <3


easy no brainer yes please.


This is awesome!! Would be very cool to see some of the large scale projection mapping I’ve been doing in one of these professional videos :pray:t2:

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Love it! Brings huge value to Nouns builders.

This is a really impressive proposal!

The marketing channels proposed and approach makes sense and it’s clear that this team have in-depth knowledge of all things Nouns.

It could also be cool to have a PR budget as I think some Nouns projects have huge PR potential!

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Pixel is a top-tier production studio and we’re lucky to have you all creating within the Nouns ecosystem.

The videos you’ve already created are super high quality. And I’m excited at the prospect of this team being able to dedicate more of their time and attention to proliferating Nouns.

For me, the thing that’s missing from this proposal is a focus on marketing.

It reads more like funding for production studio. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but without more of a marketing strategy, I’m not sure these videos will seen by enough people to justify the cost.

I’d prefer to see a proposal focused more on audiences and reach instead of number of delivered videos.

I also think this is overly-focused on digital video, where there may be opportunities to communicate a message or concept in a number of different mediums: long-form video, clips, static graphics, printed pieces, billboards, broadcast, etc.

Growth Experiments (ads, platform-specific experts) - $24K

If the goal here is to: “Help make Nouns a highly recognizable brand globally and inspire ambitious builders to build on the protocol.” then this growth budget seems like it should ramped way up. Like by 10x.

Your videos are awesome. More people should see them! If I had to choose, I’d rather have fewer videos seen by more people. But hopefully it’s more videos seen by more people. :slight_smile:


What’s going to happen after 6 months? Do you have a plan? IMHO asking for another $1m doesn’t look sustainable…

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If you look at any of the content this team has created you see the love, the passion and the true connection to the NOUNish way the proposed work is ;nothing when you compare it to actual agency work. I think that this is beyond fair market value for a team as good as this one.

Great prop! I think Nounish as a curating body is perfect and so aligned with the brand, and it gives the possibility for small builders to get some promotional video content. Long form and short form is a simple way to divide the content. Looking forward to it!

This sounds very interesting! Excited to see where this goes!

Great content. Great Nouners. Full support.