Small Grants : Nounsfun



We contribute to making NounsDAO known to everyone with the content we create, we also help create resources for builders and communities that help them express their creativity.

The Problem

  • It’s difficult to explain what Nouns are to the world.
  • Nouns Product brands are difficult to reach many customers

The Solution

  • we will work to attract a large audience, on social media by creating content that is friendly, relatable and fun for everyone to watch, just like the content we create ;
    • Fun Content
    • animated content
    • Dubbing Trend with animation
    • Comics strip

Then where do we do it?

  • TikTok
  • Short YouTube
  • IG rells

Why use these 3 Platforms?

  • Have Many Active Users
  • Easy to use
  • Trending Platfrom
  • Friendly Platform
  • very profitable algorithm for all creators

Why is this awesome?

  • Great user engagement.
    • The algorithm is very unique. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long-time user or a first-time user, your videos will get higher user engagement.
      This means, our video content will have the potential to go viral even though the account is new and has no followers at all. About 90% of users use this platform several times a day. So, user interaction for marketing purposes will be very prospective.
  • Potential to Add many new Communities.
  • Gives an opportunity to get more customers nouns products (Nouns coffe, Merch, etc)
  • Stock content marketing for Builders
    • We allow the community to use what we create for content marketing needs

Time frame

  • We work 72 hours a week and produce at least 2 content a week.



  • Artist
  • Animator
  • Content Creator


  • Research and Development

What We’ve Built?

Request funds

1,4 ETH / month (to work 72 hours a week)

For our trial period 0.7 ETH for the first month



Questions or comments? Feel free to reply


@noun22 What do you think about our proposal?

This is amazing, my prop I’ve seen are actually pointing out a problem around the audience!
Love your illustrations <3

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thank you very much, and we do also believe we can do more than what we’ve been doing so far :smiling_face:

@noun22 We ask you to review and crack down.