Tl;dr: I will continue contributing to nounsfun to create better animations.

Category: Entertainment

Detailed Explanation:

Remember the Challenge: Make Nouns Go Viral round, Nounsfun is a participant in that round with the goal of becoming the entertainment media center of NounsDAO with animated content, comics, and related entertainment, approximately 2 months I have tried to fund Nounsfun by participating in contests held in the Nouns ecosystem and getting 0.2 ETH.

With some content and contributions made by Nounsfun during these 2 months, I am not sure all the content created is in line with the goal of becoming the entertainment center of NounsDAO, because the content is created by individuals (themselves). Honestly, Nounsfun needs funding of approximately 130k USD to achieve its goal.

1 ETH from NSFW will be used for the production of an animated film as a way for Nounsfun to prove its eligibility to become one of the media projects in the Nouns DAO ecosystem. I have worked very hard and pay studio to create pre-production for the animated film including:

  • Concept,
  • Scenario,
  • Character development,
  • Storyboard.

Fund (from NSFW) + 0.2 ETH (from prize money collected by Nounsfun) will be used as production funds including:

  • Layout,
  • Key motion,
  • In Between,
  • Background,
  • Scanning,
  • Coloring.

Timeline :

Pre-Production = in the process (Estimated completion end of January)
submission proposal = December
Production + Post-Production = Estimate completeion mid March

Requesting funding of 2 ETH to help fund production so that it can run according to plan.

Here Nounsfun Contribution :

Check more detail on Twitter and TikTok

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I seriously love the content you create my dude <3
Cute and wholesome vibe