Small Grants: Nounish Nigeria Video Funding for the Nouns Video Contest

What Is The Project?
The Project entails creating a very Nounish Video that blends the diverse Nigerian Culture with many Elements of the NounsDAO, specifically the idea behind funding creative & useful ideas and also simply making hundreds of Nigerians fall in love with the Noggles.

The Video is supposed to serve as an entry into the $200,000 Nouns Video Contest Ending in 8 days. I already drafted a video script and planned out the entire video with a friend who is a Videographer several weeks ago. But I had been waiting on payments for several jobs I did in March for exchanges like and projects like EDNS Domains. April is about ending and I have not received a dime yet so I’m very short on funds to carry out this project.

I just completed my university education so I don’t have a strong enough credit score or a functional business to get a sufficient loan here in Nigeria. My friends are equally fresh graduates so we all just simply don’t have enough funds to pull together for this. I tried getting some funding during the Nouns Video Contest Promotional Proposal but I didn’t get selected.

Under the shower this morning, I realized NounsDAO was literally a platform to fund ideas and after some research, I found myself here

How it will proliferate Nouns?
Nigeria is a talented nation filled with lots of hidden talent which only needs a platform to help them express themselves. So many ideas are being funded in the European and American regions and Africa equally has a strong potential to be a fan favorite in the Nouns Community.

If I’m able to make this video, there’d already be a lot of exposure here in the economic powerhouse of the nation, Lagos. Interest in NounsDAO will increase and the adoption of Blockchain as a whole will take a deeper rooting in this continent. All because of NounsDAO.

Secondly, seeing a lot of Africans wearing Noggles is just going to be Super Awesome.

How much upfront funding do you want?
I’m looking for 1.2ETH or $2,000 worth of funding for this project. It will cover the cost of the following:

  1. Training a zoo monkey to wear Noggles and do some flips for the video
  2. Shooting the video, renting out the equipment, space and paying people that will be part of the video cast
  3. Printing high-quality educational brochures to educate people who might be curious about the Noggles people are wearing.
  4. Promotional efforts in the form of Billboards and Social Media Marketing (YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads).

The contest is ending in 8 days and I had been so pumped to make the video weeks ago and hopefully win and donate a part of the winnings to a very useful charity. I’m hoping NounsDAO will come in Clutch with the save and assist with this funding. I’d be eternally grateful.

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So I’ve just learned that Ads are out of the question when it comes to organic views. Going to scrap that then.

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Best of luck to you guys! I would say to just go for it and get anything you can out in video form in the next 2 days and share it like crazy. You only need to retain 30 seconds of someone’s time and people can rewatch 4-5 times per day so get creative and submit something!

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Hey @ROTEX, I think videos that have received funding are automatically disqualified from the contest, but I suggest you double-check that with the team behind it.

Yes, i was just informed of that a few hours ago😭. Thanks for the heads up