PROPOSAL: Nouns is a dream, but the efficiency of proposals on the front lines of marketing not so much. ⌐◨-◨ RP x Mainstream

Budget is one of the few critical factors when deciding on a global immersion.

Using on-chain incentives to create positive externalities is the path to mass adoption. In practice it’s beautiful, but it takes a lot of effort to get beyond the basic narrative and reach the mainstream.

I started following several proposals from the front line, they are beautiful projects, very good proposals, but they forget the basics. And in the end, it looks a little lazy. Especially when you consider the overly expensive bid scenario roi equations. With few exceptions, there is no direct corollary between “IRL” and mass adoption without “media awareness”. I’ve seen a few amazing proposals worry about spreading the project’s mission through the press. There’s this perception that creating a big Nouns billboard or doing a big marketing project creating graffiti, travel, will have people literally knocking on each other to get to your door. With credible consistency, it just doesn’t happen.

In fact, this kind of cognitive dissonance between IRL perception and exaggerated reality has a name in the startup world — a phenomenon known as the TechCrunch “bump”. That is, the increase in traffic and awareness that typically occurs after an appearance in a well-read tech publication. But that fades (and is inevitably followed by “The Trough of Sorrow”), and then it becomes increasingly difficult to get into other publications since TechCrunch had you first. Remember, media likes novelty and exclusivity. This kind of “bump and fall off a cliff” occurs more often than you might think.

So while big frontline proposals and influencer posting are important to grow the community, I consider the option of an aggressive strategy of raising awareness of what Nouns are mandatory.

A multinational like Coca-Cola that thinks extra hands are more cost-effective than a fully robust and strategic approach, as well as being one of the biggest and worst corporations, there is really very little need to spend to let someone talk about you, when you see a Coca-Cola package you quickly associate it with a soda.
This still doesn’t work on the Nouns when viewing the glasses, thus being proposed as a big meaningless billboard.

Approach to global immersion and robust mass adoption.

It all boils down to the right hiring of a great PR, and an event that provides the necessary material for journalists to create great entry lines, that is, insert or Nouns masterfully into the mainstream.

Getting funding and building on @nounsdao is the “on-chain version of the American dream” –
It is a good start to visualize the principles and history of the Nouns.

So media relations is not just about getting the BBC, Forbes, TIME to cover your brand, it’s about getting the BBC to cover your brand the way you want with the right positioning and key messages. Thus, research, strategy, planning, measurement and evaluation is a crucial aspect that is ignored.
A single mention of the press in the top-tier media can lead to a small spike in immersion, but only consistent long-term press coverage will help build awareness of the ⌐◨-◨ principles and association with the Nouns.

Example of idea already in Execution . SuperRare x Nouns x The MET

A collaboration between two of the biggest art referents in the NFTs space.

Nouns has the largest number of collectors and art connoisseurs.

SuperRare the largest art market and promoter.

One night, art, fashion, philanthropy, history.

Location :
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, United States

Located in Central Park considered to be the main lung of Manhattan, it is a space that was extremely studied for the realization of the event and efficient results.

The event will be based on philanthropy, where 4 pieces by renowned artists from the NFT space will be auctioned at the height of the event. We could have some direction for donations, having some NGOs or institutes pre-selected by artists voting together with the Nouns and SuperRare community

Traditionally, every philanthropic event has a ticket, thus ensuring greater fundraising for philanthropy and emergency management.

Assured percentage of Tickets.
180 tickets secured for nouners. (90%)
20 tickets for strategic guests, influencers, journalists. (10%)

Fund split percentage of tickets.
60% directed towards philanthropy.
30% directed to the Nouns’ treasury.
10% directed to possible additional negotiations with the museum.

Every project needs strategic marketing, just as presidents need campaign managers. Extracting the maximum potential and using it in a way that we have an advantage introducing it to the mainstream is definitely gold.

The main pillars and needs of Nouns currently is mass immersion, just as DEVs need a Software engineer, an image-based project, someone who takes care of the technical part of immersion is needed, just like campaign managers.


Monitoring of proposals approved by the community and creation of strategies for greater use and extraction of potential and immersion in the mainstream.

Build good relationships with journalists, thus ensuring greater coverage through good articles.

Guidance in the creation of proposals for strategic partnerships.

But overall, PR should start as an extension of an in-house effort or fill in gaps by third-party companies as needed, working in tandem with a meaningful hybrid approach between an in-house PR/marketing leader and an outsourced communications firm. .
Yes, telling your own story is hard and sometimes tedious work, but no one can tell it better than you. And when you do that, the RoI is the highest.

Compensation process.

Internal PR/marketing leader. - 8ETH
Assistant - 2ETH
( Totaling 10 ETH per month. )

The reward will be realized through milestones and bonuses, where every first day the team will receive a summary of the plays and strategies performed.


Would love to network and see if you can collaborate with us at the We’re trying to think big and help the DAO like you!

Proliferating the Meme, through Press.

We currently offer four defined services:

  1. Press Liaison — Managing and Responding to incoming press requests from journalists.
  2. Press Release Issuing — Issuing press releases, on behalf of Nounish Projects.
  3. Press List Management — Managing the Nouns Press Corps’ Press List. This is a list of Web3 journalists across many print, television, and online outlets.
  4. Pitching Nouns to Press — Networking with Journalists on behalf of Nouns and proactively pitching on behalf of nouns.

This can be interesting, but what is your background? Already have access to some journalists? Tell me more.

Yes. There is a team of us who has been working on this for a few weeks.

My background is over 10 years of experience managing press and building proper press infrastructure as I’m a former comms director who has set up press operations for multi-million dollar groups including foundations (Zuckerberg’s Non-profit) to Political Leadership on Capitol Hill in the United States, to Google, Walmart, and some major news orgs too. I’ve also been a National spokesman whose been on-the-record on tv and in print. Lastly I host professional media training for business leaders.

We have been out having off the record convos prepping journalists and red-pilling them to nouns. (CNN, Axios, WSJ, to say a few) I think you could be a great addition to the team! Or you trying to just go your own way?

Our mission is a rising tide lifts all ships. Help us lift Nouns!