Proposal: CDT Residency

Hey all, my name is Christian. Through this proposal I will be able to dedicate myself full-time to Nouns as opposed to when I can fit it in after my day job & other responsibilities.

What I’ve worked on for Nouns:
- Currently building Nouns Center, a community site for Nouns projects & tools
- Co-developed Lost Nouns, an extension project with unused assets
- Host & produce Noun O’ Talk, a podcast interviewing Noun owners & builders
- Worked on Nouns proposal #9 for creating POAPs for daily auctions
- Created SharkDAO’s (Nouns sub-dao) website
- Founding Nouncil member

What I will do during my residency:
1. Nouns Center - I have incredibly high hopes for this project and a big feature list that is ever-growing. Capturing the entirety of our community’s data in one place is no small feat but has already proven to be useful. Seeing it being linked to answer questions is gratifing. I want every piece of Nouns info to be a link away and I want to empower devs and artists to build off Nouns. I will continue to hold “office hours” and be as transparent as possible with my progress.

2. Noun O’ Talk - A passion project in the truest sense. We’ve had 27 guests on over 9 episodes from extension builders to board members to DAO members and even Bud Light. I aim to keep these conversations interesting and informative, and I have a ton of other folks lined up and would love to keep working on this. I’d like to add a theme song and edit the audio while continually hosting these live on a weekly basis and then publishing to all podcast platforms.

3. Prop House - I plan on coming aboard and helping out with the frontend, developing v2, and solidifying it’s place as a great tool in our ecosystem.

Funds requested:
$175K* paid over 6 months in USDC which equates to roughly 8.5E/month by todays valuation.

*the equivalent of $190k (to absorb potential volatility in ETH from time period between submission and execution) would would be sent to a multisg managed by trusted members of the community (9999, Seneca, and Toastee), they would then convert $175k worth of ETH to USDC, set up the stream and then send back the remaining ETH to the DAO.


If you’ve accomplished all of this part time, I can’t wait to see the flurry of results full-time work brings. These 3 projects are all essential Nouns projects and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow. Definitely in support of this proposal, happy to have you with us!


you are the crazy glue that holds so much important stuff together here I can’t even imagine the amazing value you will bring full time.

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wholeheartedly support


im with poap, strong support for this proposal

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Personally think the Comp should be in line with Brian and Noun22 here. CDT is a power user here and we need them imho.


Kudos Sir!.. You’ve always been the been nothing but kind and helpful and I’m happy to see you win!


Excited to check out the podcast!