Proposal: CDT Work Continuation

Hey all, my name is Christian. Working on Nouns full-time has been an amazing opportunity. I’d like to continue my work for the next 6 months as well. It’s been an incredible learning experience, and I love building projects that serve the DAO and bring joy to the Nouns community.

Overview of what I’ve done the last 6 months:


I spent most of my time working on the complete site redesign. Besides making it more aesthetically pleasing, and cleaning up the codebase (removing unused code as we prepared to open-source it), I worked on new features to increase the overall user experience including:
- New homepage with statistics
- Dynamic social sharing cards
- House & Round pages
- Voting progress bar
- User proposal progress card
- Japanese translations
- Rich text editor for prop creation
- Search bar for Home, FAQ, House, and Round pages


The site has received 18K total site visits and is officially linked from the Docs tab of It has been forked by 4 NFT communities: Lil Nouns, Mfers, Blitmap, and Forgotten Runes to be used as a tool for their community. I did automation work with Brian to allow for projects and talent to add themselves more easily as the site scales. I also shipped several new pages and updates:
- Funding (plus 3 funding guides: proposals, small grants, and prop house)
- SubDaos
- Dev Center (Docs, APIs, contract links, and Github repos)
- Discord Channels
- Learn (educational content from Nouncil YouTube)
- Ideas
- New assets (2 Figma boards, updated color palette, and 3D voxel noggles files)
- New homepage


I released 14 episodes with 33 guests. They included:
- Personal deep dives: 4156, Vape, and Brian Flynn
- Communities: the Nouncil and 4 subDAOs
- Topical: eSports, Noundry, and NFT NYC
- Builders: Fomo Nouns, Design System, Nouns Terminal, and Roko

The pod has garnered ~2,400 downloads. I personally edited all past episodes. I recently brought on 2 producers to increase the quality. The next push will be YouTube. I created a YouTube channel (69 subscribers) so that we can upload full episodes, as well as 3-5 video clips, each week. I am personally a big YouTube user for podcasts and I believe this will be a great way to spread the word about Nouns on a platform we don’t have a huge presence in.

What I plan to work on for the next 6 months:


I will continue developing the Prop House web app. As we prepare for the protocol launch, I will work on fixing bugs and frontend improvements, as I manage the vast majority of the frontend you see. I will add Spanish translations to the site and I will continue to ensure it’s the best tool that it can be.


I’d like to conduct a Prop House round for a proper redesign of the entire site and lead the development to create a Nouns Center v2. I will add documentation, as in a README with install instructions, and clean up the code to make it fork-friendly for other communities. I aim to implement Search across the entire site for easier access to all the information. I plan to add translations (Japanese & Spanish) too.


I will continue to book guests, do my own extensive interview prep, and host the pod itself. I also manage the podcast team (Messhup for art and Matthew & Brileigh, our two producers). Besides the weekly podcast I want to grow and proliferate Nouns via YouTube as I mentioned above. Lastly, I’d like to create a custom site for

Funds requested:

$175K* paid over 6 months in USDC which equates to ~135E by todays valuation.

*the equivalent of $190k (to absorb potential volatility in ETH from time period between submission and execution) would would be sent to a multisg managed by trusted members of the community (Seneca, Steve, and myself), they would then convert $175k worth of ETH to USDC, set up the stream and then send back the remaining ETH to the DAO.


Damn I knew you and others worked hard but that much? Sheeeesh
Do you think Nouns DAO should have a head of staff sort of role to handle all of these things in coming future? Like a fund settle together like Team wallet where all of these things are gone through without the worry of proposal setting up at individual level

cdt’s work, and probably more importantly cdt are invaluable to the Nouns community. Probably get quick consensus on that. I’ve been around Nouns for about this first 6 months of his work. Everyone jokes that is the answer to every question, except it’s not a joke. Love the podcast. The other joke is that cdt is coding all day…but I think that’s not a joke either. I want to see cdt’s residency continue and I trust the brain trust to figure out how much that costs. So my input is: keep cdt!

Awesome cdt, please retain :100::raised_hands:

i’ve had the chance to work with cdt now for a couple months on prop house first hand in addition to the podcast and echo everything said above; cdt is a power house who is absolutely worth retaining. not only are prop house/nouns center/the podcast major staples of the community, but to some extent setting the bar.

Strong proposal. We need to retain this man!

Who’s CDT? Kidding – CDT is a person of many skills and talents, and this proposal does a great job of highlighting his range. He has always been a pleasure to interact with, even when he’s being pestered to add a link to a random website on Nouns Center.

I was happy to see Nouns Center linked to from the main website, that was a long time coming.

Looking forward to working with CDT in the coming year and seeing what more he has in store for us.

Keep it up. Your work has been amazing.

one cdt,
every day,