Let’s Throw a Global Pizza Party! Nouns x PizzaDAO

Nouns x PizzaDAO Global Pizza Party
We want to “Nounify” the world’s biggest (decentralized) pizza party! We’re requesting 23 ETH (~$42,000) in funding to support PizzaDAO’s third global pizza party for Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22, 2023. Through this grant we’re seeking to co-brand Nouns x PizzaDAO’s Bitcoin Pizza Day events currently being organized in 90+ cities around the globe.

All funds collected through this grant will go towards purchasing pizza from independent pizzerias on Bitcoin Pizza Day for our pizza parties all over the world. Learn more about PizzaDAO and Rare Pizzas here.

TLDR ⌐◧-◧

This proposal directly funds 12,000+ slices of pizza that will be distributed through local PizzaDAO events and community organizations on May 22, 2023.

  1. Nounifying Bitcoin Pizza Day Onboarding communities one slice at a time. Co branding marketing materials, events, and media reaching thousands of participants globally.
  2. Nounish Pizza Parties Proliferation through pizza and furthering Nouns OTG presence at PizzaDAO events
  3. Nounish Social Activation Nouns x PizzaDAO claimable NFT for event participants and online proliferators

Pizza Noun 292 and Molto Benny

We believe that PizzaDAO is well-aligned as a Nounish brand partner for Nouns and our Global Pizza Party for Bitcoin Pizza Day provides a low-risk opportunity to advance proliferation of Nouns through earned media and activations at IRL events – all while doing some good and bringing people together with free pizza.

PizzaDAO has been an active member of the Nounish community with our pizza parties at web3 conference events and in the Nounish community more broadly. This funding proposal would cement the vibes and values of PizzaDAO and Nouns together as well as spread the messages of community and funding weird stuff around the globe.

PizzaDAO recently joined Nouns as a new member sub-DAO through the acquisition of the “We Pizza” Noun 292 and is committed to expanding the Nounish ecosystem through its events and network of contributors.

Pizza taste better when wearing Noggles


We are a global community of hackers, pizza enthusiasts, NFT creators, collectors, artists and rebels who believe in using crypto to make the world a better place.

PizzaDAO’s community is made up of new entrants to the industry and members that have been in the crypto space for years, including several Nouns DAO members, Gitcoin KERNEL Fellows and past award recipients. PizzaDAO alumni now work on countless other projects in the crypto space, a direct result of our commitment to education and onboarding.

Let’s Form Group Collab.Land Mini-Doc ⌐◧-◧

Snax.eth / Noun 292


To date, PizzaDAO has given away over $600,000 worth of real, edible pizza in more than 75 countries. You might have eaten some during previous global pizza parties or at NFT.NYC, DCentral Miami, NFT Paris, NFT Sydney, ETHDenver, SXSW, NFTLA, Consensus, or one of the many smaller events we’ve supported. Now, we need your help!

  • Over 200,000 slices served
  • Over 500 pizzerias supported
  • Presence in 75+ countries
  • Thousands of people onboarded to web3
  • Over $600,000 of pizza given away!

PizzaDAO Global Party Map


Rare Pizzas is a cc0 project founded by the decentralized autonomous organization PizzaDAO. We came together on February 18th, 2021 to make 10,000 generative pizzas in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between 314 international toppings artists. This collaboration has gone on to raise over $1M through the sale of the NFTs, funding two global pizza parties and a large number of community events. As we build, our ultimate goal is to build solutions for independent pizzerias (software, marketing, consulting, etc.) and eventually conduct individual token-raises to enable communities to buy out their local pizzeria’s landlord and sign a rental contract with the pizzeria.

Look beneath the hood of our pizza planning by visiting parties.pizzadao.xyz and playbook.pizzadao.xyz

Nouns x PizzaDAO Bitcoin Pizza Day 2023 ⌐◧-◧

Bitcoin Pizza Day is already the one de facto crypto holiday. Together as a community, we can grow this celebration of cryptocurrency and pizza into a truly global event. The internet, cryptocurrency, and pizza are all global phenomena. Bringing them together by giving away free pizza funded by the blockchain is a strong invitation to the general public to join our ecosystem. We think that’s pretty Nounish!

PizzaDAO Global Pizza Party 2022 on an active volcano

Nounifying Bitcoin Pizza Day ⌐◧-◧

We want to onboard communities one slice at a time. Our goal is to Nounify Bitcoin Pizza Day while creating touch points with potential collaborators through IRL activations at community events. Nouns assets will be integrated throughout PizzaDAO’s marketing materials, events, and branding to highlight the partnership, presenting Nouns as the core contributor for PizzaDAO’s global pizza party 2023.

Molto Benny x Nouns

Nounish Pizza Parties ⌐◧-◧

Having Nounish gear present at our pizza parties makes a lasting impression on our guests. Nouns Pizza Party Kits featuring props and swag will be sent to organizers to allow attendees to participate in Nounish photobooths and other IRL activations. Parties will also feature cardboard cutouts of PizzaDAO’s “We Pizza” Noun #292 and co-branded material will be visible to attendees throughout the event and on social media. We had a strong Nounish presence at our Wen Pizza? party during NFT NYC and a similarly strong presence at our event during Consensus ATX (we ordered a $600 box of Noun props from Big Shot Toyworks). See the results in videos like this one, which has over 8k views so far.

Nouns photobooth at PizzaDAO's NFTNYC party

Nounish Social Activation ⌐◧-◧

Nouns x PizzaDAO NFTs designed by Nounish builder BigShotToyWorks featuring PizzaDAO’s pizza noun #292. QR code signs will be displayed at premier parties featuring PizzaDAO x Nouns Global Pizza Party branding to allow participants to purchase a “PizzaNounies” NFT. Revenue from the sales of PizzaNounies will be split evenly to BigShotToyWorks, Nouns, and PizzaDAO.

WHY? ⌐◧-◧

We’re helping pizzerias around the world use crypto to empower their businesses while giving back to their communities. We believe that we can assist businesses to become community owned by tokenizing the pizzerias in our network using open source technology. Beyond that, we believe that pizza is a public good and that Rare Pizzas’ Art to Pizza model can be replicated to solve some of the world’s biggest problems while spreading joy (and sauce).

We created Free Pizza Day as an accessible and fun way to get introduced to and utilize blockchain technologies. Plus, throwing a global pizza party is a good team-building exercise for Spaceship Earth!

  • We believe markets can be positive sum and can enrich communities
  • We believe that we can use digital scarcity to bring analog plenty
  • We believe artists deserve to be honored and compensated
  • We believe anyone should be allowed to help others without asking for permission
  • We believe memes are powerful vessels for raising awareness
  • We believe in equal inclusion of all pizza toppings (yes, even pineapple)


15% of funds collected through this grant will be used to develop Nouns Pizza Party Kits containing Nouns swag and props purchased from BigShotToyWorks. The remaining 85% of the funds collected through this grant will be distributed to PizzaDAO to coordinate the purchase of pizza from independent pizzerias all over the world for our events.

Nouns Pizza Party Kits:
Plastic Noggles
Paper Noggles
Noggle Pins


Funds will be distributed through pizzaDAO.eth and administered by Nounish countributors:

  • Snax
  • 87Bones
  • Oni
  • BigShotToyWorks
  • ProfWerder


make it happen and throw pizza on me pls


Whoaa who’s making all the pizzas? :call_me_hand:

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independent pizzerias all over the world!

I live in Korea, let me know if you need to organize a pizza party here

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We’ll be there! Here are some posts from the last two years in Seoul:

Join our team this year here: Telegram: Join Group Chat

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