Proposal: NounsDAO in India


Introduce NounsDAO to the Indian community by initiating social channels for Nouns India and hosting a mega NFT event - Nouns India Carnival. An opportunity for thousands of NFT enthusiasts in India to witness the magic of Nouns.

Also, kickstart social and community presence for NounsDAO in India - arguably one of the biggest web3 ecosystems in the world.

Proposal Overview

NounsDAO has achieved remarkable diversification and has proliferated the idea of culture and creativity by creating a global community. However, there is very little presence in one of the fastest-growing countries - India and we want to change that.

This proposal aims to introduce Nouns’ to the Indian web3 community by doing:

  1. Organize Nouns India Carnival: Organising the biggest NFT event in India
  2. Launch Nouns India Social Channels: Initiating and managing Twitter and Discord channels for Nouns India

1. Organize Nouns India Carnival

Where NounsDAO and NFTs Meet, an offline event celebrating the culture of NFTs and promoting Nouns DAO. We want to bring together artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, meta sapiens, industry leaders, visionaries, technocrats, developers, and everyone who loves the world of NFTs together for anexciting event.

When: June/ July 2023
Where: Bengaluru (the Silicon Valley of India, which has now proudly transformed into the epicenter of the country’s crypto revolution!)

Nouns DAO’s participation in the Indian NFT ecosystem will be critical to educating the masses and creating awareness about the Nouns DAO ecosystem.

Agenda Details
Inauguration & Keynote Announcing NounsDAO India & its roadmap
Speaker Panel #1 Panel discussion on NFTs by experts from various relevant fields
NFT Projects Showcase Bringing together top NFT projects and artists from India to talk about their journey.
Speaker Panel #2 Panel discussion on NFTs by experts from various relevant fields
NFT Display + Networking Displaying and showcasing NFT projects that have revolutionised the ecosystem, including the iconic NOUNS, on stunning displays and in all their glory!
POAP Minting Creating custom Indianized Nouns-inspired POAPs for event attendees & panellists at booths

Note: The agenda is tentative and can be modified.

Our responsibilities for the event:

  1. End-to-end management and ownership of the event
  2. Enabling partnerships to maximize buzz for the event
  3. Driving marketing campaigns offline & online
  4. Websites, tech, and design for the event
  5. Operations management across the event

2. Launch Nouns India Social Channels

Why: Our goal is to nounify India through Twitter and Discord to build a solid community of believers. We will initiate and manage NounsDAO India’s Twitter and Discord communities. Here are some activities that we plan to do in the next 5 months. We also want to inspire people through Nouns India channel to build creative things.


• Create content strategy and content calendar of 5 months
• Prepare high quality content: tweets, illustrations, videos, animations, copywriting, etc.
• Host Namaste Nouns Spaces
• Marketing and promotion for Nouns India Carnival event
• Organizing online contests and giveaways
• Promote NounsDAO related official information and other proposals
• Create custom Nouns India artwork

• Create a community roadmap of 5 months
• Host live events weekly to educate new users about NounsDAO
• Share NounsDAO related activities
• Translate tweets and official information to Hindi on a separate channel
• Organize art events and giveaways
• Create partnerships with art groups, influencers, and brands to promote Nouns.

• This website will serve as an online resource for the Indian web3 community interested in learning more about NounsDAO and its operations in India.
• The website will also highlight the various initiatives the Nouns India team will undertake and provide updates on their progress.

Why India?

India is leading the charge in the web3 revolution with a thriving community that’s ranked #1 on Chainalysis’ DeFi adoption index and #4 in the overall crypto adoption index! The recent ETHindia hackathon (the biggest in Asia) saw over 20,000 passionate hackers from India converging with over 50 international web3 projects.

India has become the hub of some of the most creative and talented web3 builders who are driving the ecosystem forward with their dynamic and innovative ideas.

  • Lingual diversity: 500mn+ Hindi-speaking population waiting to be onboarded to web3 (10+ official languages in the country)
  • Young Nation: 600mn+ people under the age of 35 - largest base of young population in the world. Strong college networks & a massive young workforce looking for new opportunities & skills
  • Rich culture: Nouns can tap into the rich cultural heritage & history that binds India. We aim to put years of cultural resemblance with Nouns in every artwork for NounsDAO India.

India already has a massive head start in web3. Project submissions (by participant’s country) for Solana Grizzlython Hackathon. The representation is similar across major global hackathons happening around the world.

About Us:

We’re the team behind The Product House - India’s fastest-growing web3 community with over 50,000+ members and have worked with Polygon, Filecoin, MetaMask, Tezos, AAVE and 20+ other web3 projects.

At TPH, we are making web3 accessible by giving everyone a chance to learn and create with each other. We aim to onboard hundreds of thousands of users on this journey to learn about the decentralized web3 world and transition into this new realm in 3 simple steps: Learn, Earn & Build.

We also run Asia’s largest product/tech community w/ 150,000 members - The Product Folks.

Core team consists of:

The rest of the team is working as product managers, founders & growth managers in top unicorns in India. This is a passionate team stressing the importance of community & web3 & making huge movements in this regard in India.

Past Proof of Work

As part of the bigger community, we’ve hosted over 300 events in the past 4 years. In Nov 2022, we hosted pan-India events with Polygon in 4 of the biggest cities in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore.This was attended by over 200 founders & builders in the web3 space. It included everything from customized merch to dedicated venues & lots more.

Tentative Timeline

Month Activity
April Announce Nouns India official presence across social
Kickoff Discord community for Nouns India
Start working on the Nouns India website
May Launch the Nouns India website
Kickoff marketing for Nouns India Carnival
Begin logistics/operations for Nouns India Carnival
June Host Nouns India Carnival
Post event activities to engage participants
Plan out the next phase of social & community activities
July Host Twitter spaces, online sessions on NFTs
August Conduct social & community activities

Cost Breakdown


  • Venue: $7000
  • Food and drinks: $4000
  • Merchandise/ Swags: $6000
  • Event photographer: $1000
  • Marketing & Promotions:
    - Influencer promotion: $2000
    - Marketing spent: $3000
  • Team & Operations: $6000

Social Media

  • Social Media Management for Twitter (5 months): $6000
  • Community Management (5 months):
    - Discord: $3000
    - Giveaways: $3000
  • Nouns India Website (Build and maintain): $5000

In total, we request $46,000 ~ 22 eth to proliferate Nouns in India.