Is there a Nouns DAO India?

Hi All,

I am from India. I am new to the Noun Community. I was just going through the various projects and the work being done by Nouns DAO. I wanted to check if there is an Indian division of the same.

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welcome! while the DAO itself is not tied to any specific region of the globe, we have seen members from various regions make proposals/projects tied to certain physical location (japan, brasil)

I dont think there has been anything with a focus on India yet, though there is another discourse post looking to engage the web3 Indian community that might be good for you to connect with


Aaaye! Hey and thanks for considering us Oni :smiley:
Hello Kaleidoscope, we aim to introduce Nouns here coz if you have spent few days here, you know how amazing the whole concept of noun and its community building is. We surely believe that something amazing will come out from here.

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Thanks @Oni I will connect with them

Hi @Evil,

Can you share more resources about the work you are doing currently.

I am new to this space and I am trying to figure out how I can add value.

you can check the links provided in my proposal ser.
If you are new I’ll say always DYOR and explore. If you are crypto-naive then DYOR means " Do your own research " coz many scammers lurk in the dark try to scam people who dont know much about NFTs.
First rule of NFTs, double check before you click on a link and wallet, even if its from someone you know. lol
bdw how did you got to know about Nouns DAO tho?

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Thanks for the headsup!

I follow Jack Butcher Ser on Twitter. He tweets once in a while about the concept of Nouns. My curiosity got me exploring and that is how I landed here.

I watched your NDTV interview. Seems like you folks have been doing quite some interesting work.

In what ways do you think non-artists can contribute to the NFT space or say in the context of Nouns?

The concepts that I have read so far seem interesting. I am just figuring out where I might fit in this space.

Like I said, you can always explore around and DYOR and then decide what community or project fits you the best. Sky’s the limit in web3, you can use your web2 skills irl and once you have explored the space you can then decide what suits you the best