Questions about Nouns DAO

Hey all. I hope this is the right place to share some of my questions! I’m writing my bachelor thesis about governance approaches and challenges and I decided to focus on Nouns DAO. I have some questions I want to clarify for a better understanding. I tried joining the Nouns Discord but this does not work for me. I cannot verify. Is there a known issue? I can also share my questions here if that’s fine. Just let me know about the right place!

Nounish greetings from Denis


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Oh, I did not know that the Nouns DAO Discord is closed. There is no note on the website or in the Discord, or did I miss it?

Would you be able to detail why you think the Nouns governance “is a joke”? Are there any discussions underpinning this argument, e.g. here on Discourse? I read various articles about Nouns DAO and everywhere the concept was praised highly.

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Well, everyone can vote for or against an idea, that’s the idea of community governance, right? So, are you referring to arrangements between larger groups of Noun holders? Or do you refer to the Nounders?

I thought Nouns is all about community and inclusiveness. Reading about blocking people for questioning doesn’t sound right (not knowing the details).

Hey @Denis83,

Don’t mind @Evil, he has has been banned from multiple Nounish Discords for harassing users.

The main Discord has been closed, you can hear 4156 talk about it here:

Since then a myriad of other Discords, as well as communities on other platforms, have popped up. These four are a good start:

Here’s a larger list of Nounish links:

You can view all of the governance proposals here:

When you open them up you can also see voters on-chain reasons, which is a consistent way for us to communicate across platforms.

Should be a good start. It’s a very active DAO, feel free to pop in any of the Discords and ask questions. Lots of people willing to help!


Welcome Denis! and what @joelcares shared is an amazing resource to start with.

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Hey, wow! This is a great overview. Many thanks for putting all these links together. I will make sure to check them out and raise my governance-related questions in there!


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