Learning about Nouns DAO set-up and tools

Hi everyone (Cross-Posting from Discord for documentation purposes)

My name is Rafa, and I’m working to build out the Mirror DAO. I’ve been inspired by the Nouns DAO given the similarities of what we’d like to achieve.

I’m looking forward to connecting with VapeApe to understand a bit about the initial DAO design, infrastructure (e.g. compound bravo, tally nouns.wtf/vote, documentation and this Discourse environment).

Thank you in advance - looking forward to learning more about what’s worked well, and where there have been any challenges.

If you have recommendations on who to chat with, or what questions to ask - Let me know here, on discord, or on twitter. My goal is to create a bit of a document showcasing how all the tools work together:

Digital Spaces

  • Discord, Discours, Nouns.wtf/Vote

Proposals and Treasury

  • using compound bravo + tally?

Twitter Accounts, Bots, Newsletters

  • Public Feed, Members Feed, Bot with new members / auction winners, Calendar Feed.
  • Dedicated Announcement Channel
  • Substack


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happy to help you think through this - what are the core objectives of mirror DAO?

Hi Rumi,

Just scheduled a call with VapeApe for next Tuesday. The MirrorDAO has a few plans, but I’m not at liberty to discuss publicly just yet. The main theme is about getting the right DAO toolkit in place so it’s mostly automated coordination - instead of lots of synchronous meetings and such.

Hello rafa, how did the meeting go? Were you trying to propose something to NounsDAO or were you just trying to learn some valuable info from NounsDAO builders that would help you with your own project?