Newbie, a few questions to the community

Hi Everyone, new user here. I discovered this org via the dota2 team so shoutout to them.

I’ve spent a few hours trying to better understand this project and unfortunately since the discord is not available, I’ve resorted to posting here. If anyone can answer a question or two I’d really appreciate it!

  1. What is currently the most active forum for discussion? It looks like it’s this place but is there a live-chat platform where many users congregate? I understand the issues with the official discord, but are there any major unofficial spaces where I can engage in a chat with some people, it could be founders or enthusiasts, but anywhere where people go online and passively chat. I’ve found a couple of founder-focused servers but they seem to be dead.

  2. Is there a good discussion thread on governance proposals and brainstorming? I’m a lawyer working in finance and the idea of a DAO which sells “voting shares” via NFTs to fund projects to promote the DAO is really interesting to me, but there are questions surrounding preventing bad faith participation, the need of a “veto” vote, disincentivizing speculators from purchasing a share, etc. Is there a brainstorm thread or chat channel for this?

  3. What are the flagship projects of the DAO? Considering the level of funding available I’d be surprised if there’s no major project which the nouns community funds to legitimise itself as a self-sustaining fund capable of financing economically viable business products/services.

  4. Analysing Treasury usage. Is there a place I can view treasury holdings over time? Also is there a centralised place where I can find data about executed proposals? I’ve seen a great post about the expensive “cost per view” of video/marketing proposals and if I had access to equivalent data for other proposals I’d be able to model out and identify higher risk/return project themes.

  5. Legal info. I want to better understand the management/development team, the blog seems to be shut down so where can I see the list of active developers for this project? Where can I see who owns the DAO’s assets, like this website, the twitter, etc. Which entity is the intellectual property registered to , etc.

These questions are just to help dip my toes into this community so I can better understand its needs and where any of my projects would be relevant to nouns as a proposal. It would be a real shame if this entire community and its history ends with ‘Okay it didn’t work out everyone can rage quit and get their money back, oh well.’

I’m especially interested in understanding the existing issues with governance, to me there are ideas like staking your votes to proxy representatives (similar to how vote delegation currently works) who can act with more vision and momentum for the community (i.e. establishing an investment committee of sorts, with mandate and resources to do more ambitious things for the community), or maybe finding a way to implement a minimum bid system or something to discourage traders.

I’m sure these ideas have all already been discussed before so I’d love some pointers on where to look.