Solidity Contribution

Hello everyone I’m super happy to join the community and have my first Noun! I’m a solidity dev by trade and would love to find a way to contribute to make Nouns better. Is there anyone or discord that I can join to get started? I’m not looking for any compensation but rather to just get more involved with Nouns :slight_smile: :rabbit:


Welcome fluffiest :slight_smile: you can find a lot of Discord links here Groups | Nouns Center . The most active server right now seems to be The Jungle, but there are a lot of conversations happening on Twitter too.

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Welcome Fluffiest ser! :rabbit:

As mentioned by maty, The Jungle is the current discord that have the most Nouner inside.
There’s also Nouner weekly called held within The Jungle discord where Nouner/Delegate discuss about on-chain prop or anything related to the DAO.

Dedicated channel will also be created for every on-chain prop within The Jungle, purpose is to allow anyone to provide feedback/enquires with regards to that specific prop (Great way for you to contribute :blush:) + prop builder to share more insight about their prop.

Once again glad to have you with us ⌐◨-◨


Thanks for the info @maty + @Wideeyekarl :pray: :pray: