I’m stuck in discord

Dear admins. I’m trying to get into the nounish discord to understand more about this project. But I’m just stuck. Even after verifying I cannot see much other than old announcements. Please help.

Old Discord is closed. Hop into the jungle if you want to talk with Nouners: The Jungle: Nouns DAO
Nouncil is also a great place if you have questions about anything Nouns related. It’s packed with a lot of helpful builders: Nouncil

Hit me up if you need anything and thanks for exploring!


Got it. Thanks. I will join that instead. Maybe should update all the social links.

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I recently created a list of active Nouns discords and links for myself and friends

Short info about Nouns

More info

Most interesting and active discords:

Nouns Square - active discussions and top content

Small grand discussion

The same discussions

University for Nouns questions

Nounish - Nouns news

SharkDAO and The Jungle - top Nouns DAO

Discussion of proposals

Main Discord, currently not active, but there are useful links

My Russian speaking channels about Nouns (update soon :wink:)

I will be glad if someone would supplement this list with other active discords

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Agreed, where were you accessing the link to the old/closed discord?

It’s linked in the footer at the bottom of nouns.center