Governance principles

After been active in the decentralized blockchain ecosystem since 2015, I have decided to pursue a PhD on decentralized blockchain governance and am interviewing a handful of projects, and would love to include NOUNS in my list. Is there anyone available who can - on behalf of NOUNS - answers 7 questions?

Am looking for someone who can represent NOUNS’s thinking, and appreciates/understands the philosophy of a DAO.

Not looking for the what (for instance a set opinion on forks), but more for why (how you come to such an opinion).

Goal is to get a better insight in principles behind decentralized governance, that hopefully will help educate and support future projects.

Look forward to getting responses.

hey there,
im currently developing a master thesis on Regenerative Governance and i have to integrate my topic with decentralized governance principles and features. i am including NOUNS too in order to make a new disruptive governance model proposal.
Did you finally manage to find something interesting? I would be extremely grateful.
Look forward to get your advices.