Nouns DAO in India by DAZE

Aim : Create a ⌐◨-◨ Nouns community for the Indian community in web3.
Brief intro about DAZE : DAZE is India’s first dedicated Digital Art Exhibition, conceptualised by artists from CryptoArt India Collective (CIC). CIC was formed by digital artists in the NFT and crypto space in 2020. A space by and for artists pushing the boundaries of digital art and storytelling across various blockchains and platforms.

Grant amount requested : 30 ETH ( $46,960 - @ $1,565 USD per ETH at the time of this proposal )

Breakdown :-
:warning: Due to crypto taxation in India, 30% tax is included in the breakdown

  • 30% - Tax
  • 35% - Event Production ( Venue, Multi-city meet ups, PR )
  • 25% - Team Management
  • 10% - Merchandise

Vision : We will continue to host exhibitions and meet ups to showcase NFTs to the web3 naive audience as well and with this proposal, we would like to showcase Nouns and its sub DAO, with Nouns DAO being major partner in our effort to create awareness around web3 and NFTs in India and Asia.

6 Month plan :

  1. Organize the signature DAZE exhibition with Nouns DAO being Title/DAO sponsor
  2. Host meetups for artists and builders in tier 1/2/3 cities and introduce Nouns ecosystem to them.
  3. Giveaway Nouns merch to attendees

Example of Nouns Merch can be found here :warning: This is an imgur link, image sharing and image hosting service. Sharing images is easy this way.
I, Evil aka Jatin Pathi assure that this link is safe to click, tho I always say that its good practice that one should not click on any link by someone you dont know, in this case me. :warning:

Below are some of the events we’ve already hosted and curated
Also to see more images click here.
Also the recent event done by The Kaari Kollective and NFTs curated by us. You can see few images here

Media links -

National daily newspaper Hindustan Times : NFT art: The charisma comes to the Capital - Hindustan Times

Indian crypto exchange Zebpay :

National daily newspaper Mid-Day : Cryptoart for the win

National daily media Firstpost : Crypto relief for India’s COVID-19 crisis pours in, even as it remains a legal grey area- Technology News, Firstpost

Independent artist blog Homegrown : Using NFT For COVID-19 Relief: 2 Indian Initiatives That Are Raising Funds - Homegrown

National TV network NDTV (3:50 onwards) : Coffee & Crypto: नए साल में Crypto Scam से आप कैसे बच सकते हैं? - YouTube

Official Links -

All of your stuff looks cool, but the proposals lack cohesiveness. I think to get noticed, maybe hone it down to a single project or event and give details on it. This feels like a large collection of proposals that don’t quite fit together. I know India can be a big part of the future of the DAO, so hopefully you can get a simple plan going.

Perhaps plan one nounish event and submit it for the next prop house round and build from there? Or do one event and submit for retro funding through NSFW?


Ayooo seems rare AF.
This is 10/10 we can do, since we are already planning to do another exhibit after doing 2 curated events already, a small grant can for sure be used for the current one that we planning in few months but only as sponsor I supposed. Not sure if we could be able to do other things like distributing noogles to visitors since we prefer free entry to our exhibitions, so not many will be able to get their hands on those but stickers or pins? For sure can look under that budget.
Nonetheless this is an amazing feedback ser! Really appreciate it :smiley: Ty for support all along

@noun22 Might be an interesting small grant opportunity to get these guys some noggles, pins and stickers for upcoming events to get their feet wet?


Will surely make a small noun proposal soon!
Thanks a ton!

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