NounsDAO in Taipei Blockchain Week

Thank you!!! Will sprint to execute, can’t wait to share media!


Make sure to video and phot as much as you can so we can share across socials!

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Looking forward to this! :star_struck:


Thank you @Sam & @Voadz - if any nouners wanted to come and speak about NounsDAO, please reach out on my TG!


On a side note, looks like @BigshotKlim might not be able to guarantee delivery on noggles due to China covid lockdowns, does anyone know any alternatives for getting noggles? we can probably source locally to get them printed as well I’m guessing if anyone has experience doing this, lmk :slight_smile:

Congrats and good job :star_struck:

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So looking forward to this!

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Sending you some FUNglasses =)

Last call for nounsDAO speaker to visit Taipei and give be on a DAO panel with us :slight_smile:

I would recommend asking for more Funds and repeating this set up with a booth at the Taipei Toy Festival. My one thought is that all of these blockchain events “preach to the choir” and we miss out on the proliferation of nouns in pop culture.
I would recommend doing both, and studio one can activate an event at Wrong Gallery at the same time to provide a second location to send new interested parties.

This is TTF:

Here’s the line to get in:

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this would be rad! let me look into it, perhaps too late to request more funds / sign up for another event!

lil preview :slight_smile:

The black background is a bit gloomy, if you want I can send you the art files for our banner at DCON and you cna add your branding etc

Taipei toy festival is fantastic, we are friends with the founders and have many friends from all over the world showing there. Would be fun to bring our toys and products there