Small Grant: OTG activation @ SG NFT FEST


tl;dr = Campaigning NounsDAO at a pre-TOKEN2049 event - “SG NFT FEST”

TOKEN2049 is the premier crypto event, organized annually in Singapore and London, where founders and executives of the leading Web3 companies share their view on the market; shine a light on the global developments, while taking a unique and widening perspective on the ecosystem and its vast opportunities.

In Singapore, TOKEN2049 is the distinguished flagship event of Asia Crypto Week, which features a week of various independently organized side events around TOKEN2049, running from 26 Sep to 2 Oct 2022 and SG NFT FEST is one of those event which will be held on 27 Sep’22.

Various local NFT communities as well as builders from web3 space will be invited to SG NFT FEST & Nounsinsg will be campaigning for NounsDAO at this event. The main focus is to further push the exposure of NounsDAO in Singapore’s Web3 scene; aiming to onboard potential builders.


Introducing NounsDAO To Participants
Things to share:

  1. What is NounsDAO
  2. The various resources that can be found. Example: Nouns Center, Discourse, NSFW, Prop.House
  3. What have NounsDAO achieve, the various activations done
  4. How can one contribute to NounsDAO & be involved in its ecosystem
  5. The various different funding structure.

Engagement points at the event:

1. Photo booth
Nounsinsg will create 3D printed Noggles to serve as prop for the photo booth as well as design a nounish backdrop that can be selected from the photo booth. (Back drop is a green screen, able to case different design) Nounsinsg will also run another giveaway similar to what was done at COMEX, emphasizing virality and to get participants to showcase noggle.

Photo booth set up

Photo booth to be shared with other participating communities.

2. Gorillas Marketing
Provide Nounish enamel pins for guest. Event guest will be able to have the pin on them throughout the event. Serve as a walking billboard promoting/invoking curiosity about noggle/nouns.

3. Game Booth
Main event organizer will be organizing a variety of games for SG NFT FEST.
Nounsinsg will provide nounish goodie bags that includes products from Nouns Coffee as prizes.
These prizes aim to nounify the winners as well as introduce nounish IRL product. They also double up as promotional material when winners post about the prizes they won on their social media.

4. Live Raffle For Nouns Vision
Nounsinsg will promote our presence at SG NFT FEST by running a giveaway of Nouns Vision. (2 pairs to be won) To participate, participant will have to RT & Like the RSVP/giveaway tweet which will announce the presence of NounsDAO at SG NFT FEST. A live raffle will be done at the event. Winner will have to be physically at the event to claim the prize. This engagement point will serve as a high light for NounsDAO at SG NFT FEST as well as emphasizing virality. This engagement point will give event guest opportunity to live stream the raffle and post it on their social media.

5. Nouns on Display
Infrastructure will be set up to create a mini digital gallery at the event venue.
Nouns will be digitally displayed for viewing & photo-taking.

Funds Breakdown:

Item Description Qty Ask
Photo Booth Co-sharing Photo Booth 1 $500 0.33
Enamel Pins - 200 $400 0.27
3D Noggles - 5 $150 0.10
**Nounish Goodie Bag Whole Bean Coffee 5 $110 0.07
12oz Travel Mug 5 $210 0.14
Canvas Tote Bag 5 $295 0.20
Shipping 1 $135 0.09
Nouns Vision - 2 - 0.88
Twitter Giveaway - 2 $600 0.50
Logistic/Transport - 1 $200 0.13
Operation 2x Manpower 2 $750 0.50
Total $3,350 3.2
*ETH = USD1,500
**Total 5 set of Nounish Goodie Bag as prizes

Per Nounish Goodie bag = 1x Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee + 1x 12oz Travel mug + 1x Baggu Tote

Total ask of [ 3.2ETH ] OR [ USD3,350 equivalent + 0.88ETH ]


Nounsinsg will be in charge of operations, concept, graphic designs, Nounish merch production as well as coordinating with event organizer. Nounsinsg believe that this is another great opportunity to create a nounish IRL experience that will have impact not only to local Singapore community but global visitors that flew in for TOKEN2049. Nounsinsg is excited to make this happen and to grow Nounish Singapore Community; exposing more brilliants mind to Nouns ecosystem.

ok cool, the one you did at comex singapore went well - so let’s do it again. approved! please keep us posted and share pics/vids when available

Thank you @noun22 and NSFW for supporting this prop.
Will keep everyone posted and cant wait to share all available media :slight_smile:


What was delivered by Nounsinsg
The OTG activation at Singapore NFT Festival (SG NFT FEST) comprised of the following engagement points:

  • Treasure hunt
  • Nouns Pop Up Booth
  • Nouns Merch Lucky Draw
  • NounsDAO presentation
  • Photo booth
  • Twitter Giveaway

SG NFT FEST is one of the various independently organized side events surrounding TOKEN2049; where Nounsinsg were invited to campaign for NounsDAO and bring Nouns presence to this event. The main focus is to expose NounsDAO in Singapore’s Web3 scene; aiming to onboard potential buildiers.

Treasure Hunt
A simple treasure hunt was planned during SG NFT FEST where 3 nounish poster were placed around the event venue for event guest to take photo/selfie with. Their selfie/photos also double up as entry for Nouns merch lucky draw.

Nouns Pop Up Booth + Nouns Merch Lucky Draw
Nounsinsg was also able to set up a pop up booth where we display nounish merch from Nouns Coffee which are prizes meant for the treasure hunt, participants are able to win them via a lucky draw if they managed to find all 3 nounish poster. This engagement point also allow Nounsinsg to share various Nouns prop winner’s proposal, support fellow nounish builders, induce organic sharing/engagement from lucky draw winners.

NounsDAO Presentation
Nounsinsg was also invited to share/talk about NounsDAO during SG NFT FEST, where we share about what is NounsDAO, the mechanism, the ideology and its various funding channel as well as resources that are readily available. The sharing session was concluded with a live raffles for Nouns Visions; this engagement again allow Nounsinsg to share various Nouns prop winner’s proposal as well as support fellow nounish builders.

Photo Booth
There was also a photo booth set up at SG NFT FEST where guests are able to have their photo taken and instantly received a physical copy. Nounsinsg we have prepared a few 3D printed noggles as prop to proliferate the noggle/meme/building brand awareness all while having fun.

Special visit and appearance from Noun #261 and Noun #75

Twitter Giveaway - Photo booth
To tie everything up nicely, Nounsinsg also ran a twitter giveaway where participants were asked to upload their photos taken from the photo booth while having a 3D noggle as prop. This additional engagement point focus on virality and further pushing brand awareness for noggle/Nouns.




Nounsinsg Growth
We continue to push for 1) Community growth, 2) Onboarding potential builders, 3) Introducing Nouns into Singapore Web3 scene.

  • A 126% increment on twitter following from 123 to 278 (as of writing)
  • A total of 14.2K impressions and 1.5K engagement made for NounsDAO @ SG NFT FEST
  • Overall during Sep, 31.9K profile visits


Unexpected Surprise

Nouns / Nounsinsg pop up booth was featured on JJ Lin’s instagram story.
JJ Lin’s is currently by far the most influential mandarin pop artist/song producer in South East Asia with huge influence not only in Singapore but also Taiwan and China; having 4.7mil following on instagram and 1mil following on twitter.

JJ Lin Instagram Story

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