SMALL GRANT: Nounish Forum - Singapore


Requesting for 5ETH to organize a Nounish forum in Singapore

Singapore have been listed as the top few countries that are most interested in NFTs/Web3 Technology, with a monthly search volume of 18,717 per one million in population. At its core Singapore have always been technology savvy, thus it makes sense that its easier for citizens at Singapore to understand and adopt NFTs/Web3 Technology.

Therefore, would like to propose to organize a Nounish forum in Singapore with the agenda to introduce and proliferate Nouns and the DAO directly to targeted audience who are interested in this space to begin with.


Understood it might be costly to fly Nounder or Nouncil member out to Singapore just to speak on a panel. Would suggest a IRL / Virtual event mixture. Where Nounder/Nouncil members address the IRL audience virtually via a zoom call. (Call will be projected) AR filter can also be created for speaker(s) in their respective Noun; this would not only make the forum fun and nounish, but it also ensure we do not dox anyone who do not wish to be dox.

IRL event could then be held at ARTNOW (@web3sg) a renown art gallery that have been opening its gallery space to NFT projects to host their IRL event in Singapore upon request. To make this forum even more Nounish, a nounish door gift can be gifted to the first 100 attendees who signed up. Nouns will also be exhibited in the gallery during the entire duration of the forum; allowing attendees to view the artwork of Noun before or after the forum. There will be a QR code display alongside each exhibited Noun which will be linked to

Below a few example of past NFT related events held at ARTNOW:

A rough idea what can the speaker(s) talk about:

  1. What is nouns / cc0
  2. What is nounsdao
  3. How are the treasury used and what for
  4. Introduce small grants, prop house, on-chain proposal
  5. Explain what Nounsdao have help achieved and could help to achieve
    Example: nouns esports team (Dota), nouns mural in NFTNYC, nounscoffee etc

We could also have a section where we open the floor to the audience for a mini AMA before concluding the forum.


  • Event space at Artnow – 3ETH
  • Light refreshment – 0.3ETH
  • Nounish door gifts to first 100 attendees – 1.2ETH
  • Banner and poster – 0.5

Total: 5ETH (approx 5% of 1 day’s bid)

Would like to get opinion from the community on who’s suitable / willing to be a speaker.
Preferably Nouners who are in the Nouncil or Nouners who are heavily involved in the DAO.
Open to suggestion.

looks cool - SG could potentially sponsor this but i’d want more details on who will be speaking and content around the event. where would you source the nouns door gifts?

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Event flow:

  • RSVP form and event e-poster will be posted by Artnow (web3sg).
  • Interested party to RSVP for event (First 100 will receive door gift).
  • Attendees may visit the art gallery prior to event (Nouns will be displayed in the gallery; all Nouns displayed will be in rotation among 14-15 screens).
  • There will be gallery staff there to provide brief information about Nouns to visitors.
  • Attendees to be seated 5 mins before the virtual meet with Nounish speakers.
  • Virtual meet commence. (web3sg to host)
  • Open up the floor for a short AMA.
  • Virtual meet conclude.
  • Attendees may stay and mingle around at the gallery till closing.

Event set-up:

  • Virtual meet will be conducted via zoom
  • AR filter to be set up in speaker’s respective Noun they wish to represent
  • Virtual meet will be projected for viewing
  • Artnow to exhibit Nouns
  • Nounish Formun banner/signs to be put up at Artnow

Content the speakers can share/talk about:

  • What is Nouns / cc0
  • What is NounsDAO about
  • How are the treasury used and what for
  • Introduce Small Grants, Prop house, On-chain proposal
  • Explain what Nounsdao have help achieved and could help to achieve
    Example: nouns esports team (Dota), nouns mural in NFTNYC, nounscoffee etc

Who will be speaking:
I would recommend Nouner like yourself @noun22 who are part of the DAO core contributor.
Or Nouner like @4156, @solimander, @devcarrot, @seneca or @Benbodhi as the speaker(s)

Nounish Door gift:
Lets do away with the usual t-shirts. Am thinking something that resonate with the locals.
Would propose to have the Nounish door gift to be a “Ez-Link” card (If do-able within 1.2ETH budget)
Ez-link card is Singapore’s dedicated public transport card, much like a metro card. This door gift would be thoughtful and functional with a nounish element to it as we are able to customized it. We can explore having it in its card form, or a charm form.