Small Grants: Nounish Beach Clean Up


Requesting for 1.85ETH to organized a local beach clean up.

As we all known tons of waste are generated/washed up ashore daily. Cleanups remove hazards from our shorelines, raise awareness, connect communities, save marine animals, preserve our natural treasures, keep toxic chemical out of the water and create a safer and greener environment for us and for future us.

To clean up local beach, advocate on environment preservation, spread & share about Nouns DAO and our nounish ethos.

Charitable and green initiatives allow Nouns DAO to reach out to audience who are generous and kind at heart to begin with, to share the mission of proliferation of Nouns branding. To be able to spread our nounish footprint to more non-profit organization extending our nounish helping hand to everybody and anybody around the globe.


  • Nounish Merch (1ETH)
  • Tools (0.55ETH)
  • Refreshment (0.2ETH)
  • Transport (0.1ETH)

1. Nounish merch to be given to volunteers as a token of participation.

  • Nounish Dad Cap (Given to first 15 volunteers)
  • Nounish T-shirt (Given to all volunteers; Est 30 qty)

Volunteers will be able to rep Nouns branding during the event + serve as a mini PR campaign as well. All merch that are not given out during this first session will be given out to new volunteer(s) in the subsequent session.

Merch Mock up:

2. Tools required are mainly; anti cut gloves, mask, wagon cart (to transport trash collected), cutter, bucket, metal tongs, first aid kit. These tools will be reuse for all subsequent Nounish beach clean up (except mask)

3. Refreshment to be provide to volunteers.
A simple brunch with all the volunteers once the clean up is concluded (Est 3hrs duration). To serve as a token of appreciation as well as a time to connect and advocate about our course.

4. Transport funding to cover logistic as I will be managing this alone. From purchasing tools, bringing them to meet up point, etc.

TOTAL ASK: 1.85ETH or USD1,850

Upon receiving funds:

Week 1 to 2 - Purchase Tools + Merch Production + Open volunteering application to local community
Week 3 - Commence Beach Clean Up (Duration: Est 3hrs)

Photos will be taken and updated on twitter @WideEyeKarl to serve as proof to event.

Volunteers who participated in our first round of beach clean up will be invited for our subsequent beach clean up. Tools purchased can be re-used thus no fresh funds are required. For new volunteer(s) that are joining us in our subsequent clean up, they will be given our nounish merch if there are any left overs. Fresh funds might be needed to create more merch when new pool of volunteers grow.

To also explore other charitable and green initiatives.


Sounds like a pretty cool thing to do at a reasonable price. Which beach do you have in mind? Could you incorporate getting a photographer to generate some media that could be shared?


Hi Noun 22,

Thank you for the kind encouragement. For this first session of Nounish beach clean up, will be planning it on shoreline off East Coast park (located at Singapore)

Yes, I’ll be able to incorporate a photographer for this event. Reckon additional 0.25ETH should suffice, as I’m in talk with a freelance photographer requesting for his help in this green initiatives. Aim in keeping cost minimal.


  • Nounish Merch (1ETH)
  • Tools (0.55ETH)
  • Refreshment (0.2ETH)
  • Transport (0.1ETH)
  • Photographer (0.25ETH)

TOTAL ASK: 2.1ETH or USD2,100


This is awesome!
Small price to pay, especially with someone capturing the event to share online and potentially spark more of this globally.


Thank you fam for the kind words and support!
Yes, hopefully we are able to spark more of such events globally.
We can all be nounish yet at the same time keeping our earth and marine environment clean.

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This is great, knowing the beach is a place that is sometimes overlooked because of its cleanliness, I personally don’t really pay much attention to this but in the end it will definitely have an impact.

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Sounds good. Small Grants would fund this - please let me know once you have the plans and photographer finalized, and DM me on Discord - NOUN22#7841


Yes, for sure! Every effort from everyone no matter how small would eventually have a huge impact on our environment :slightly_smiling_face:

Huge thank you to Small Grants and @noun22
I’ve sent a friend request on Discord - .ZllW#0424, do accept before I’m allowed to drop you a DM.

Also have finalized with the photographer, he will be able to help in this green initiatives.
Below are some of his work as well:


@noun22 As requested, below breakdown on what needs to be/will be done:

1. Source for merch manufacturer.
To manufacture 15 Dad caps + 30 T-shirt (attached merch dessign)
Will be sourcing for manufacture starting this weekend 8th Jul

2. Open invites for this event.
Will be dropping invites to the various community I’m in or have connection to.
Example: NFT community, Diver community, etc
Event date to be set base on merch readiness.

  • Target period for event: 30th Jul - 7th Aug (Weekends)

3. Purchase of tools before event.
Anti-cut gloves, wagon cart (to transport bags of trash collected), cutter, bucket, metal tongs, first aid kit, mask, trash bags

4. Commence of event.
Event duration: 2.5 - 3hrs
What will happen:

  • Briefing on event objective and safety guidelines.
  • Merch and tools to be given out to all participants.
    #Merch to be worn during the event.
    *#Only first 15 participants will receive Dad cap
  • Photographer will capture moments during the whole event, media to be shared with NOUNSDAO Community.

5. Refreshment
After event is concluded. Participants will be invited for a simple brunch. A get together to further connect will everyone.

6. Dismiss
Event fully concluded

Photographer’s worked shared:


Approval received from local authority for our Nounish beach clean-up. :clap:
Nounish Beach Clean-Up date will be scheduled on 13th Aug 2022 (Week 32) :green_heart:

Event & merch e-poster will be going out along with invites to varies community.
Will continue to source and compile merch supplier and their quotation. To finalize supplier and commence merch production by week 30, lead time for merch production will be around 1 week.

Image for event and merch e-poster below for reference:



Gonna be signing up for this!


Nounish Beach Clean up concluded!

Great turn-out + cleared around 50KGS of trash off the coast of EAST COAST PARK in Singapore.
First ever Nounish OTG activation in Singapore! Media is currently being process, will update once I’ve received them our photographer.

Huge shout out to those who participated! More Nounish OTG activation in Singapore coming!

p.s Media will also be posted on @nounsinsg twitter & @nounsinsg instagram

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My vision and goal is to proliferate and grow Nounish Singapore Community via IRL OTG activations.
Am humbled to report the first OTG activation was a success, participants enjoyed themselves and were 100% nounified. New nounish connection were also made and its not gonna stop here.

Do give @nounsinsg a follow - an extension of NounsDAO, a Singapore proliferation pod

Nounish Beach Clean Up - Singapore


awesome! looks like this was a great event, thanks for sharing all the media

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I don’t know what strings you can pull, but we need a 30ETH prop house round to give 2ETH to 15 projects that will do good things like this. It would unleash incredible creativity in the community.


Media can also be found on @nounsinsg instagram page

Give us a follow! Let’s proliferate and nounify the globe! :earth_asia:


So cool! Great job :slight_smile:

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Thank you, appreciate it!

This is awesome!
Small price to pay for amazing results!

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