Background info for Proposal 78 (active) that was missing on chain

Regarding Proposal 78 (Make Nouns Visible from Space + IRL Event Space), I am tremendously grateful for the encouragement from @4156, @vapeape, @noun22, @Noun12 and for the crucial assistance from @brennen.eth on behalf of the events committee. Without valuable feedback from the nouns community, the proposal couldn’t have grown more nounish with each iteration.

In addition to benefits for the Nouns DAO — awareness, diversity, profliferation — Prop78 directly affects the future of a well-established charity fundraiser. My natural tendency in planning, something that resulted in a successful a successful multi-year charity series, is to overthink EVERYTHING. I didn’t want to bury nouners in detail and may have overcorrected in drafting the proposal. I focused almost exclusively on the upside for Nouns without addressing the costs involved and immeasurable good to the charity beneficiary.

I sincerely invite you to send any questions or concerns my way to I might satisfy any doubts about the nature of the project. First, a few details:

An early draft included a request for an amount to elevate this already successful charity event into a one-of-a-kind national event. It was too much. I pared it down to a point where I would still be contributing out of my own pocket, but could I could build a long-term relationship with the DAO.

  • 110 ETH - Synthetic turf installation: 10,400 square feet of excavation, stone base, and a panel substrate system capable of handling potentially damaging large truck traffic (food trucks, beer trailers, busses, dumpster service, portajohn maintenance). Yes, it’s a significant cost but the installation makes the venue exponentially more durable as a four-season asset for decades. Synthetic turf, in place of natural grass, doesn’t need to be cut so the Nouns glasses, applied as one would a logo at an NFL stadium, will remain as long as necessary to be included in the next satellite maps update. The paint used to apply the nouns glasses on the turf is permanent enough to withstand the abuse during events, but can be easily touched up (or removed if necessary).

  • 45 ETH - Fifty 10-foot polysteel picnic tables to seat up to 500 patrons; doesn’t include shipping or assembly cost

  • 15 ETH - One 4,000 sq ft frame tent with water ballast tanks (no corner stakes), cheaper to purchase than to rent for the eight events in the charity season; doesn’t include dis/assembly or storage cost

  • 8-12 ETH - Security, dumpster service, supplemental bartending (select games), portajohn rental, cable & electric service, bar supplies, misc.

If funded, ETH/USD will not cover other costs already committed to the event series since it began in 2016: land acquisition (I’m a member of the LLC that owns the property); site grading, demolition of derelict buildings and decaying asphalt lots; asbestos abatement; fencing; cable and electric runs to half a dozen 4K TV locations plus TVs &mounting hardware; security cameras; control shed; tools and maintenance supplies.

I hope the MASSIVE NOUNS GLASSES VISIBLE FROM SPACE and the addition to the permanent record via Google Earth/Maps, etc. are sufficiently described in Prop 78.

At the beer garden, Nouns glasses and URL will appear on banners, pint cups, staff t-shirts as well as the event website, in press releases, and in social media. There will be ticket giveaways that require following NounsDAO on Twitter and reserved space at the beer garden with Nouns branding that cater to event sponsors, including Nouners that decide to visit.

I heard there are questions about the post-installation drone capture and media exposure. I spent a 26-year career as a photographer in marketing and educational sectors during which I collected two Emmy awards, a pair of POY honors, and numerous friends in the industry. Among them, a licensed drone pilot I’ve relied upon for aerial favors…and a countless media connections (one of whom likes me enough to have married me) that I can count on for PR assistance.

I clearly failed to balance the DAO advantages in my proposal with secondary benefits that are the greatest virtue to thousands of non-Nouners, the post-pandemic continuation of a family-friendly charity beer garden that has attracted tens of thousands of home and visiting fans each season and raised six figures for the local chapter of the national 501(c)(3) Cancer Support Community. Without Nouns support, the public event will cease and the space will end up in the hands of private renters.

The CSC is an amazing organization with whom I connected after my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer (and beat it!). Unlike national research organizations they support education; counseling; financial assistance; healthy living (exercise, stress management, nutrition) programming; social activities for adults, teens and children; other fundraising events; and the Brides Project.

The charity beer garden has provided immeasurable benefits to the Cancer Support Community over the years that the Director of the organization provided a letter of vouching for the project when I told her the Nouns were considering sponsorship.

It was a lack of judgement on my part to hold back on the details. I feared all this :point_up_2: would have resulted in glassy-eyed indifference. I sincerely apologize for failing to appreciate the level of detail in the Nouns community. Please don’t let my oversight close the doors on a worthy community benefit.

I’ve been immersed in this project for years and want nothing more than to see it grow so I can make the most public display of thanks to the Nouns. If I’ve left anything out…AGAIN…tell me now.