Proposal: Sponsor Charity Beer Garden and Establish STR Housing for Local Children's Hospital Families

I’d like to ask the Nouns community for feedback and ultimately for support in maintaining a Nounish ethos at an established charity beer garden. I want it to keep the community event from becoming a “corporate experience” or a private rental. I’m not asking to take a chance on something that could make a difference because it already has — attracting tens of thousands of patrons, raising awareness, and grossing six figures for cancer support programming since 2016. After years of out-of-pocket funding, I need help keeping it open. I’d like to partner with a nimble, community-minded DAO instead of a rigid corporate sponsor. Who exemplifies the open community ideal better than Nouns ?

This project could put the DAO at the forefront of philanthropic impact engagement and literally put Nouns on the map while changing thousands of lives. I’ve received encouraging responses from two Nounders but this decision relies on the entire community so I’d like to hear feedback from as many people as possible before submitting a proposal.

Nouns glasses added to show what Google Earth/Maps could look like in the future…and also show the proximity of the beer garden site to the stadium.

Primary goal: Nouns sponsorship of an established IRL charity beer garden and community tailgate outside the largest stadium in the country; preserving public access with a charitable goal instead of a private or corporate operation.

Secondary goal: Annex property adjacent to beer garden site to provide clubhouse and garden space during the college football season and, December through August, dedicate a residence to families requiring short-term accommodations while visiting the children’s hospital two miles away.

Benefits to Nouns DAO: I’d like to emblazon a pair Nouns glasses on a massive tent or, with a multi-year partnership, add 60-foot noggles to the artificial turf installation so they’re visible when Google Earth updates their satellite maps. Furthermore, I’ll print Nouns glasses on pint cups (BeerNoggles!) and volunteer t-shirts. It’d be great to build relationships within the Nouns community to supply physical glasses to some lucky patrons (and a see those selfies on social media).

I’m open to a Nouns naming opportunity for the event and/or facilities. Press coverage during the season presents a fantastic opportunity to tell the Nouns story and onboard new Nouners. If a Noun hodler is looking for accommodations or 48-yard line tickets, I know a guy (me…I’m that guy).

Background: I founded the cancer support community charity beer garden in 2016, not long after my wife battled (and beat) breast cancer. Served by top regional food trucks and with craft beer flowing from 10 taps, it attracted tens of thousands of patrons and grossed six-figure sales with 100% of beer sales going to a 501(c)(3) cancer support community. With my charity co-host, we met all the requirements of the state special permit for alcohol sales: fencing for access control; private security; liability insurance; restrooms and sanitation. Family-friendly and open to the public, the beer garden quickly became a favorite destination for home and visiting fans. By the third season it threatened to overflow the available space.

The 2000 sq. ft. warehouse managed a decent crowd in 2017 but attendance grew QUICKLY.

To yield more room for community entertainment, I demolished two buildings on the property. Now, underground utilities serve multiple 4K televisions, and upgrade plans include installation of synthetic turf, a huge tent or pavilion, RFID bracelets for cashless access & payment systems; bar upgrade and, eventually, a gargantuan outdoor screen.

The new lawn after running underground cable & electric service to multiple TV positions.

City construction and COVID suspended the charity series but prior to the pandemic national brands expressed interest in sponsoring the public event because the site checks a rare set of boxes: venue proximity; wide-open space; private ownership; city approval; and no neighbors. It may be lucrative to sign a corporate deal or rent to private parties but I really want to preserve the community ideal.

Private rentals provided an exuberant game day atmosphere in 2021, but with no charitable benefit.

The secondary goal involves securing the neighboring property to develop as an in-season clubhouse and garden space with a residential purpose the rest of the year. December through August, it’ll be available to families visiting the nearby children’s hospital as low/no-cost accommodations — even to Nouners requiring an overnight stay as they travel through the US Midwest (just 25 minutes from an international air hub).

So…Numbers? Sponsorship value has been estimated at $12-18/sqft per game based on site characteristics and media coverage that accompanies the nationally televised events around which the beer garden is scheduled.

  • Proximity to a major venue — less than 400 yards to stadium gate
  • Generous open space — over 10,000 square feet
  • Privately owned — no municipal or university red tape
  • Existing municipal approvals for game day sales and commercial display
  • No neighbors to complain — no residential units within 400 feet

Even one year of Nouns support would be invaluable but I’m hoping for a multi-year sponsorship to provide a base for the future of the charity series. At $10/sq ft for a seven-game event season (average) sponsorship comes to $700,000. TBH, I’d be happy to get half the value and bring on another sponsor…perhaps a prominent beverage company with a Nouns vote.

The benefits to the community are beyond measure but the cost is relatively easy to quantify: the rough equivalent of four nouns per year. (Math check: the average price to mint a new Noun this calendar year has dipped to 75 eth from an all-time mean of 110 and today’s eth conversion of approximately $2600.)

How will funds be used?
If funded, there will be no NFT shopping spree…no beach vacation…no Lambo. Everything will go toward growing the event, covering current upgrades, and facilitating expansion of the charity support event series. I’d gladly report a general accounting starting with:

  • Demolition loan
  • Synthetic turf installation (including Nouns glasses?)
  • Tent, 2700-4000 sq ft (Nouns branded?)
  • Property annexation
  • Remodel clubhouse/residential space
  • Maintenance/cleaning of residential space after use by children’s hospital families, Nounders/Nouners
  • Fencing upgrades
  • Legal (re: expansion)
  • Local expansion (annex; larger site)
  • :crossed_fingers: National expansion in the future

Charity Beneficiary: the local chapter of a national 501(c)(3) cancer support community that has co-hosted the event since it began.
Me: I spent over two decades as a pro photographer, won two Emmy awards, two POY honors; moved into software (not a dev); then decided to pursue this labor of love. After so long behind a camera, I prefer to avoid the spotlight. Google “charity beer garden” for verification and early press. Add “owner” to that search and you’ll find me. There are also some photos on FB.

Without help, the site will end up in private or corporate hands and the charity event series will end. Is this the sort of project the Nouns could support and preserve public access?

I think this is a very cool and well thought out proposal, thanks for spending the time on this.

Sounds like a great cause (more than one really) and I like that you have ideas on how to incorporate Nouns art that you would be able to execute on.

It is a higher $ figure than we have committed to anything other projects so far, and I’d like to know what other members think about the cost / doing a partial sponsorship.

This checks a lot of boxes for me (public works / good cause, lots of eyeballs, derisked since it already exists, operator with a plan who can execute) and seems like an experiment worth funding. We could probably get meaningful positive press coverage from this if done right.

Go Blue


Thank you for taking the time to review and respond.

I’ve done my due diligence on Nouns’ funding history and realize my numbers would set a new benchmark. That said, I’d be thrilled to partner at whatever level the DAO thinks is reasonable, meet benchmarks, and submit a proposal for next steps.

I look forward to hearing more thoughts from the community!

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thanks for taking the time to make this thoughtful proposal, it’s an interesting one - this is a high $$$ figure and seems to be quite an extensive project, wondering if you were to scope this down to a smaller initial project (perhaps 1-3 weeks in scope), what would that look like?

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Thank you for the feedback, @rumi. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. You’re right, meeting the full sponsorship potential would be $$$ but it doesn’t require 100% to work. I’d be very happy to see a partnership at a lower price point that allows the public event to continue, but scaling down the duration could be kind of tough.

The beer garden runs through the college football season. There are eight home games between September 3 and November 19 (including four consecutive Saturdays to start the season). It ran successfully for years attracting tens of thousands of people on a regular basis. Bringing it back only to end after a few weeks would be leave a lot of people confused and upset, like stopping a movie or play after just the first act.

It’d be easier to scale the sponsorship to reduce the Nouns presence — keep the Nouns glasses on pint cups, t-shirts, website, etc. but maybe not where Google Earth/Maps will immortalize it. There are ways to shift the balance but reducing the time may be the most difficult.

What do you feel is the most important return for the Nouns community?

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Thank you for putting this proposal together, looks like you’ve been building a solid community. I agree with @noun22 and @rumi about the $$$ amount being a primary concern. I feel the Secondary goal is something I would only consider after at least one year of successful event partnership. Personally I would want to focus on the options and costs involved with sponsoring the existing community event for one season.

You know your community and local press - can you elaborate on which of your ideas would have the greatest impact for Nouns and how much these would those cost? For instance, how much would it cost to put huge glasses on the tent? How much to have Nouns glasses imagery on pint-cups / t-shirts / website?

Also - it sounds like this event will only happen if you can find funding for operating costs, is this correct? How much do you need to raise to operate the event for another season?

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Thanks for your time, @joelcares. It’s great to hear from a Nouncilor!

You’re correct that this event will only remain public if I can find funding fast enough for the cancer support community to plan for the season. Otherwise, it’ll be snapped up by private and corporate groups. I’d be thrilled if the Nouns could give it life for one more season and consider longer term support separately.

There’s a threshold of $225K to cover costs that would otherwise put the site in private hands: rental for the season (8 games x $25K) and a 4000 sq ft tent (with custom canopy and sidewalls, approx. $26K). That’s simply to preserve the community aspect. The incremental cost to add Nouns glasses to pint cups and t-shirts is negligible by comparison and would remain an out-of-pocket subsidy. All other costs, fencing, demolition, utilities, etc., would be paid separately, as they have been for over five years (a concern noted by @Oni in Discord).

If we can secure just half of the low end estimated sponsorship value ($450-480K), I’d apply the additional funds to the installation of synthetic turf, giving me a canvas to paint a 60-foot pair of nouns glasses. A monument added to the permanent record would PROVIDE THE GREATEST IMPACT FOR NOUNS, lasting longer and stretching farther than we could broadcast through local or even national media. It would also be a notable first for the NFT community.

So…yes, it’s a significant request even at the $225K level but, for the amount that was committed to sending a Noun to space, we could make Nouns visible from orbit and positively affect thousands of lives.

I genuinely appreciate the feedback and respectfully ask for continued consideration.

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First off, the amount of work you put into this to actualize all this in the past through to today is impressive @MGoPatio and doing it after your wife beat cancer, awesome. The proposal and detail here are comprehensive and thoughtful. I love the idea of Noggles visible from space.

Some questions:

  1. What is the timeline by which you need $225k? If you don’t secure it what happens exactly? It becomes a tailgate for profit operated by someone else or by you? Or the space reverts to some other use from the landlord? Who owns the space?

  2. What is the business model here? The beer revenue goes to the 501c3, I got that. What other revenue is being generated and where does it flow? Was the other revenue enough to float this in the past and it no longer works now without a larger sponsorship and/or due to Covid? If you can share here, if you’d prefer discretion, happy to listen over DMs in Discord. Just want to make sure I understand what is going on.

  3. What is the fit here with Nouners and college football tailgate audiences?

  4. How much of beer sales go to cancer research vs cancer awareness? And what exactly is this charity?

  5. Is the ask for $350k or $700k for 1 year? Or is it a recurring $350k-700k for multiple years?


  1. Cost is very high for 7 games in 1 year and I’d question the fit with Nouns for the cost. Smaller would help make it more palatable but also seems like it may cause us to lose the parts that are actually compelling.

  2. If there was a Beer co-sponsor and Nouns teamed up, well, then the logic of us funding half it makes more sense, as this is in the beer wheelhouse and we’re getting mutually reinforcing branding synergies.

  3. But I’d definitely want to see the giant Noggles in yellow and blue, if we move in any direction.

Thanks @Noun12. This has been a labor of love. I spent years working the business side of sports but, after my wife’s diagnosis, wanted to spend more time with family and friends. I opted to concentrate on the community aspect of the big games in the neighborhood. I’m happy to share more background in the name of transparency:

I do have an ownership interest in the property. I bought it in 2007, planning a redevelopment that would provide a future for my family. Over the years, I rented the outdoor space to a series of game day vendors before starting the charity tailgate in 2016. I partnered with the local chapter of the national non-profit Cancer Support Community to secure a state permit for alcohol sales. While preparing to build on the site, I offered the location to the charity free of charge and they kept 100% of beer sales. To achieve the next step, I gave up sole control of the property to an LLC, of which I remained a member. We were poised to start construction when Covid shut everything down AND raised material costs by 200%.

During the shutdown I discovered that the city, years earlier, had made special exceptions for game day sales and display on roughly three dozen commercial properties in the stadium vicinity. I happened to buy one of them. Turns out, my property could be valuable as an event space but, with financial partners looking for a return, altruism had to coordinate with business. The event attracted the attention of national brand sponsors before the pandemic but they’ve been slow to resume activity. If I can bridge the gap (even a year) with a private sponsor, we can bring the charity event back permanently. Without sponsor dollars, I and the LLC will rely on private rentals to cover carrying costs.

Timeline: Four to six months is required for event logistics. That makes April 1 a soft deadline after which we have to go to the waiting list of private parties.

Business Model: Until now, the event wasn’t a business, it was an out-of-pocket contribution on my part. I wrote off what I could while I prepared to build on the property. The revelation of game day allowances by the city makes event hosting more lucrative than redevelopment (lower improvement cost and tax base, higher margins). The geographic features of the site made the parcel attractive to sponsors even before the local team (who I won’t name because people have their own loyalties) earned a trip to the College Football Playoff. If Nouns can help us stay public, a national sponsor could prove far more valuable than private rentals. Seven figures are realistic. The IRS even offers significant tax advantages if we add a residential component. DM me for details but adding off-season residential space for families at the children’s hospital boosts the upside for the tailgate tremendously.

Suffice it to say (for now) that the secondary goal isn’t a pipe dream or distraction. It’s a key long-term component to the business model. I’ll say again that this isn’t a project looking to get off the ground. It’s established and trying to get from the air to the atmosphere. I wanted to keep the proposal simple — I didn’t imaging the DAO was seeking investment opportunities — but I’d be happy to bring a return to the DAO treasury.

Why College Football? TBH, there’s no inherent connection. It’s an available synergy with mutual advantages. My location offers remarkable publicity potential. Nouns could be the first PFP visible from orbit, the first to appear in the normie permanent record (Google Earth/Google Maps/etc.) and take philanthropy higher than any other NFT community. Not only would Nouns glasses show up on Google Earth but, on a regular basis, they’d be visible during aerial coverage of college football. Of course, we’d still print Nouns glasses on pint cups and staff t-shirts and share the Nouns story with a wider audience.

Beer vs. Cancer: Fully 100% of beer sales go to the 501(c)(3) Cancer Support Community where it supports education; counseling; financial assistance; healthy living (exercise, stress management, nutrition) programming; social activities for adults, teens and children; other fundraising events; and the Brides Project. Cancer research is immensely valuable but the CSC provides immediate support at a grass-roots level.

The Ask: For one more year as a public community-based event and time to ink a long-term sponsorship deal. Industry experts have advised that “your appearance in year 1 sets expectations for the future.” At $225K, the event enjoys a stay of execution. At $350K, we make a huge leap in curb appeal and durability with synthetic turf. At $700K, half the appraised sponsorship value, we secure the adjacent property, open up a in-season clubhouse with sponsor naming rights, and leverage a massive tax break by providing off-season accommodations. One good year gets us by. One great year provides a foundation for the future.

After meeting @4156 a year ago, his tweet on Feb. 17 was a welcome invitation to engage an open-minded and responsive community. “Shill us your crazy ideas,” he said, “we will fund them!” I thought I’d offer a bold idea rather than a crazy one and apply the NFT refrain of “life-changing money” to a worthy project.

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For anyone following this thread, I apologize for the long reads. Believe it or not, this is the closest I can get to a TL:dr version. It’s takes restraint on my part not to open the floodgate and bury you in the minutiae that keeps me awake at night.

I thank you for your patience and your consideration.

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No apology needed, all of your color has been fantastic and well articulated. It’s also something that you’re passionate about and it’s awesome.

Thanks for those replies, great color. Timing looks tight given onchain time, but I like knowing what we’re working with and soft deadlines give more breathing room.

My bias would be that your work here is fantastic, you seem like a mensch, but that this is not a great fit with Nouns at the cost as currently put together. If we’re funding capex, my expectation would be we’re owners and/or have a long term benefit, not a 1 year benefit, so there’s a mismatch latent. But keep in mind, I don’t know what the norms are with “sponsorship” of great events like this are. For example, “appraised sponsorship value” is new to me and I have no context for it.

What would move the needle for me is if the cost was closer to $225k so the execution could be stayed, if there was a way to deliver some sweet blue and gold giant Noggles at that level (we were exploring putting Noggles on Randy’s Donuts and the cost wasn’t outrageous, maybe the cost of a Kia Soul), and the cup branding etc was in place. If the other Been noun was involved, that would also move the needle.

But as always, I am just one Noun (with 4 votes! but still)

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I’d be VERY happy to discuss ownership options but didn’t think that was the Nouns goal. If I was wrong and it’s worth a conversation, I’d love to chat offline so we can explore the idea faster than Discourse allows via text exchange. Are you open to a Discord voice call?

The evolution of the event has been mapped out with some explosive potential. If you’d like to hear more, I’ll share the project depth that prompted my apology…whether necessary or not.

Just say the word @Noun12 and I’ll open the window information floodgate.

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I’m AFK until Monday but open next week. Probably makes sense to discuss, let’s figure something out when Im back at the keyboard Monday, ping me if I don’t ping you.

I am not suggesting ownership, just more the mismatch latent. Also not sure we can affect ownership and my hunch is that it would not be desirable (complexity etc). But even without owning, a more permanent presence is – from our POV – likely not that different. Big money in order to stay execution, creates a long term relationship.

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I’ve spent the weekend thinking of ways to create a permanent Nouns presence without the complexity of ownership by a decentralized entity based outside the US. I think we might consider a plan, not unlike the Nounders reward system, that would return event funding back to the Nouns treasury when other sponsors step up.

@Noun12 I’m flexible this week — at your earliest, for event planning purposes — if you’d like to DM me with your availability.

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Hey MGoPatio, are there any updates you can share? Or maybe a nouner could drop some more info?
Notes from nouner calls mentioned a talk with another possible sponsor that could join the deal, was there any progress in that direction?