NounsOTG x Stadium Club 327 Charity Beer Garden

NounsOTG is partnering with Stadium Club 327 for the final home football game, this weekend on November 19, 2022, between Michigan and Illinois at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI.

Stadium Club 327, home to the giant “Noggles Visible From Space”, is a NounsDAO sponsored charity beer garden located directly across from Michigan Stadium. They have been providing food and beverages to sports fans before each home game and their very nounish beer garden has been a proliferation hot spot since first opening their doors. NounsOTG will help close out this successful season with a memorable experience for all event goers that will highlight NounsDAO and Stadium Club 327.

NounsOTG will be further nounifying this final home event at Stadium Club 327 in the following ways:

  • Custom Limited Edition Shirts highlighting NounsDAO & Stadium Club 327
  • Custom Limited Edition Stickers
  • QR Code Activation in the surrounding area before/during game
  • Long and short form content w/interviews with the founders, inside the Beer Garden, inside the game, etc.

A secondary activation will also be happening during this event. Free Slow’s BBQ French Fries will be handed out to 100 individuals through the “Find The Fries” activation. This particular activation been sponsored by the FOODNOUNS DAO Prep Kitchen. In addition to this activation, I have personally covered the costs up front for the items listed above provided by NounsOTG. Additionally, NounsOTG will be sharing this content with the team at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios who has been looking to grab IRL content from Prop 100 for their Nouns Around Town documentary.

At this time, I am requesting 4.44 ETH from NSFW in retro funding for the costs that I have covered as well as payment for attendance/content creation:

  • 2.04 ETH: Travel & Accommodation for Event
  • 1.40 ETH: T-Shirts/Stickers/QR Codes/Event Supplies
  • 1.00 ETH: Aubtoshi/NounsOTG attendance/content creation

Proposal Request Amount: 4.44 ETH

Aubtoshi Wallet Address: 0x0B20ED7418f153a6595E0F88c682DF52d54B00c4

⌐◧-◧ ⌐◧-◧ ⌐◧-◧ ⌐◧-◧ ⌐◧-◧ ⌐◧-◧ ⌐◧-◧ ⌐◧-◧


More detailed cost breakdown of the 4.44 ETH:

  • 1.15 ETH: 2 Flights to the Event, 1 for myself/ 1 for NounsOTG PA to film content (11/17-11/20)
  • 0.90 ETH: Accommodation (11/17-11/20)
  • 0.94 ETH: Rush T-Shirt/Sticker Order
  • 0.45 ETH: Additional Activation Items/Event Supplies
  • 1.00 ETH: Aubtoshi/NounsOTG payment for content creation during event

For reference, here are some videos that highlight the content we create and share for various events NounsOTG has attended such as NFT Expoverse LA and the NFT London Nounish Panel.

We have a ton of footage from the other NounsOTG events that will continue to be shared from the NounsOTG Twitter, NounsOTG YouTube and NounsOTG TikTok.


awesome! sounds good, nsfw will fund this, thanks aubtoshi


in addition to funding this, nsfw had a message to relay to the event organizers when you arrive: go bucks!!


Yay! Happy to see this happening. I’m not a Michigan fan at all, but I think it’s awesome that the sponsorship happened in a year that they are undefeated and National Championship contenders. Glad to see us squeezing the full potential here. Go Aubs!