Small Grants: Nouns Sponsor Live Music at Prime-Time Charity Beer Garden; Nouns Baseball Caps


Asking for 19 Eth to host a live performance by Clayton Anderson at the biggest charity beer garden and community tailgate party, steps from the biggest stadium in the country, prior to a primetime rivalry contest on Oct 29. He has agreed to perform wearing a Nouns baseball cap and offer a public shout-out to the Nouns for supporting the event series. He will bring bring his band, instruments, and other equipment if we can cover some basic logistical costs. We’re asking for help to do a little better than “basic.” We’d like to position a quality stage adjacent to the world’s biggest noggles and offer better sight lines to patrons and passers-by.

Through Prop :100: Nouns DAO members made possible the successful return of a community tailgate and charity beer garden outside the largest stadium in the US. To say thank you, we installed the largest noggles in the world (that we know of) and are prodding Google to update their satellite imagery so Google Earth/Maps may include Nouns in the permanent record. The public has returned in droves this season, remarking on the incredible physical upgrades to the space, ESPECIALLY THE TURF INSTALLATION FUNDED BY NOUNS DOA. Attendance doubled through the month of September.

What are we trying to do?
The community tailgate and charity beer garden includes food, drinks, games, TVs, restrooms, and a DJ in 10,000 sq ft of entertainment space. On Oct 29, we expect the biggest crowds of the season to join the pre-game party before an in-state rivalry matchup kicks off with an anticipated primetime start. With a high-energy crowd looking to fill a few extra hours — and with extra media attention — we want to add a live performance to the day’s festivities. Rising country star Clayton Anderson has agreed to perform with his band if we can cover logistical costs and provide a venue. We’re seeking sponsorship from local, regional, and national sources. One of our sponsors for this event will be buying a meal & drink for 1000 members of the general public. The Nouns community has provided unrivaled support and we don’t want to leave them out as the event series grows in scope.

Who is Clayton Anderson?
Clayton Anderson hails from southern Indiana and was inspired by his home-state music heroes including John Mellencamp, John Hiatt, and Michael Jackson. In 2008, he won Kenny Chesney’s Next Big Star battle of the bands and set off to Nashville to build a music career. He’s touring now, following the release of his fourth album, and recently performed at the NFL Home Opener concert before the Indianapolis Colts game against the Kansas City Chiefs. His fun vibe and “midwestern country” sound is a great complement to a football tailgate party. Read his bio here and experience his music on Spotify.

Where will the money go?
If funded by NSFW, Eth will be immediately converted to fiat to cover the following costs:

  • $9,500 (+ freight TBD) for all-weather stage + stairs
  • $10,000 premium location rental at charity event site, next to Nouns glasses and closest permitted placement to public right-of-way
  • $500 for 25 custom embroidered caps with Nouns glasses (yellow on navy blue hat) with “” on the back
  • ~$4,000 the remainder after Eth-fiat conversion will contribute to band logistics, transport, accommodations, etc.

How will this benefit Nouns DAO?
We will add active elements to Nouns branding and proliferation at what we expect to be the highest attended event of our season:

  • A positive first impression and introduction of Nouns to web2 population that knows little/nothing about NFTs beyond what traditional and social media has portrayed (i.e., not great)
  • Clayton has agreed to wear a Nouns baseball cap during his performance.
  • He will thank sponsors from the stage, specifically naming Nouns.
  • Select fans will receive hats during the event or through social media engagement in advance of the performance.
  • We will invite the national broadcast team (TBD but looks like it might be ABC) to send a team to shoot “community interest” b-roll for inclusion in the game broadcast. With an extended pre-game before the expected night kickoff, and the crowd size we anticipate, odds are good that we’ll receive coverage.
  • We have another game-day sponsor with access to sports radio shows & personalities that can give promotional consideration.

When/where is the event?
The performance will take place at the public tailgate and Cancer Support Community charity beer garden at Stadium Club 327 (327 E Hoover, Ann Arbor, Michigan) on October 29, before Michigan hosts Michigan State in a rivalry match-up. Game time is TBD but all signs point to this being a primetime kickoff (8:00 ET).

Risks & roadblocks?
Odds of execution are nearly 100% for this performance. Clayton has confirmed that he will bring his band and perform before the game on Oct 29. The only questions are:

  • Timing: A shift in scheduling to a noon start would shrink the performance window but that’s extremely unlikely. Sponsor and university contacts say a night game is practically assured and that other game day events (yet to be revealed to the public) are being planned around a prime-time kickoff.
  • Weather: Rain could put a damper on a late October performance. We’re looking to other sponsors to cover, financially and literally, the stage with a tent. The NSFW committee could complete the package with an additional 1 Eth (20 total), if they’re feeling particularly generous.
  • Funding: We’re pursuing other sponsors so if Nouns/NSFW decline support for the live performance, it’ll still happen, just in a less prominent position and without a stage.
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This is exactly what the Nouns community needs! Proliferation of Nouns in a Web2 audience is what will drive infinite growth for the Nouns community! Hope this comes to pass!

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You’re absolutely right. I talked about Prop 100 being a favorable introduction of NFTs to a web2 audience but didn’t highlight that in my first draft for small grants. I edited just now to call that out. Thanks for the reminder!