Nouns Community gardening sponsoring

Hi there,

I’m thinking about developing a small grant based around the sponsoring of community gardening projects that are ongoing but need funding.

The funding will ideally go to the following:

  • the facilitator’s time compensation
  • the tools and equipment that needs to be purchased or replaced
  • the community engagement assets (printing posters for example)
  • miscellaneous items for members such as food and drink during the sessions
  • seeds, plants, soil or compost, fertilizer, pest control

initially i’d like to start a pilot project with the local community gardening projects going on locally, and I plan to showcase the results of the funding through publishing of media from the sessions.

In the long term it would be great to develop a sub DAO á lá Gnars Dao for community gardening worldwide and slowly nurture connections of groups of people growing their own food. Gather information, potentially scientific research, and fund the education of new facilitators and members.

I know that community gardening projects already get funding traditionally but I’m thinking that this could become a open source platform where anyone can have the tools from garden plans to full facilitation courses, and so on and so forth, the potential is obviously massive like most ideas.

What do the nouns think? how could i connect the already formed or forming communities that would appreciate a push, and the potential noun sponsors? what do you guys think about incentivising active participation from noun sponsors and how would that look?

Physical exercise and contact with nature is a huge health benefit and extremely rewarding for humans, i want to help bridge the gap that’s slowly becoming very large between us and nature because of digital technology and the ravenous desire for profits and all that nasty stuff.

How can we return to a close relationship with nature through this web3 infrastructure we’re building?

What would it take from me to get interest from the Noun Dao? Who else is doing something similar, and how can we form a community of groups, where everyone benefits and no one is concerned with individual recognition over actually achieving a culture of ecological sustainability? it’s no secret society is ruining the world, how do we empower the masses to have the ability to refuse this to happen?

thanks for reading this, looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!