The Purpose of Nouns Grants

Hi Nouners,

I’m a new member of the community and am curious on the purpose of Noun Grants.

With Noub eyes looking at things, it’s unclear to me what things receive grants and why? It’s also unclear if proposals are things that can be profitable to the treasury and if adding that into a proposal helps it get approved.

I ask for three reasons:

  1. As a potential new member of the community who is considering buying a noun and wants to know what he’s going into. And what the community focuses on.

  2. As someone launching a new project soon, I’d like to know where there is room to collaborate with the nouns community and if something I’m working on would have potential for a grant. And if there’s potential, understanding what qualities you look for would help me in writing the proposal.

  3. I believe if these things could be communicated more clearly it would help Nouns grow it’s community and benefit both the noun floor price as well as the number and quality of proposals you receive, and thus the over-all mission of things.

Lastly, I just wanna say that I believe the vision for this platform is one of my favorite things I’ve come across in web3. So Kudos for the Nounders and everyone here for being a part of it, and I hope I can do my part to add value to it in some way.

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Hey man and welcome, I know it can be a bit confusing exploring nouns and specially around grants.
For starters there are 3 main ways to getting funding, I’ll try to explain in short

#1 tiny amount : NSFW team led by @noun22 ( centralized, small team decide to reward )
#2 okayish amount : led by @seneca ( decentralized, a front end infrastructure to propose and DAO vote, most vote proposal wins top 5/3/1 depends on the round )
#3 gigachad funding : DAO proposals where eth funding is endless ( decentralized, DAO vote )

New way of funding was brough up recently which is
#4 noice amount : DCS pod led by… idk just tagging the active dudes I can see right now online on discord @Oni @jarmen

so 4 ways to get funded via nouns, hope that answers the nouns grant purpose.
so proposals can be profitable and non profit as well, so far not many profitable props have been there. its a DAO around meme, have fun and be nounish

  1. Also buying nouns is good, its nounish what else do you want.
  2. If you have a nouns it would benefit your project as well, being a nouner you can propose a collab or something. or just express your views all together which would help your cause.
  3. yeh im not good with communication so I’m gonna pass this question


ah pogger, forgot to drop this

Thanks @Evil ,

I’ll snoop around Nouns Center, which seems to be much more in-line for what I was looking for.

I guess I’m curious why the Nouns Center isn’t listed on the webpage. And also why nothing linked to proposals is listed in the Nouns app. Both of which would make each properties more sticky and open to new users.

Maybe that’s noun-ish… But I’d like to believe Nouns can be the best of Web3. In. some ways, it looks like it’s aiming to be.

yeh… you gonna have lots of fun here hopefully