Question about submitting proposals

Hi everyone, I have a question about the process of submitting proposals. I see that a minimum of 1 noun is required to submit proposals but I also see proposals being submitted (or at least posted) in the forums here.

Is it possible to submit a proposal in the discussion forum and have a noun holder submit it on our behalf or does the individual/organization behind the proposal need to purchase a noun beforehand?


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As far as I know, this place is more of a proposal incubator. If a Nouner likes your proposal they can submit your proposal once it’s been formalized. Either way, you should definitely write it up and see if you can get something started even if it’s through a small grant or through Prop House.


Hey octhan,
there are different routes to getting funded and they mostly depend on the scope of your proposal.
Generally, you should try to find a nouner (noun owner) that is excited about your idea (by posting here or in discord and hoping for some attention) and willing to bring it on-chain if you require larger funding. If youre working on a smaller project, take a look at and small grants programme :slight_smile: