Small Grant: Nouns Massive tree planting activities

:seedling: Nouns Tree Planting Activities :deciduous_tree:


:seedling:Funds will be use for our movement for nature


We will do tree planting activities that will help our nature.

:deciduous_tree:due to the spread of commercial and consumption of products that use wood, our forests are being depleted, which has a great impact on global warming

:herb: Done by who: me and my group of friends who are active in this work and we are also active in nouns social media flatforms.

:deciduous_tree:the funds to be used are for us to buy a t-shirt with the nouns logo and the tree planting activity is indicated there. And other materials specially thousands of seeds. From nursery to planting activity

:evergreen_tree:and the other funds will be used for snacks and other needs of the event. :ear_of_rice:

:four_leaf_clover:and other funds that will be left over will be used to encourage others to participate in this work. :herb:

:camping:We are eager to make our group to get bigger. And we want to inspire as many as possible to do the same thing for our mother nature :seedling: .


If our group gets bigger i hope the nouns community will help us to get funded. To buy more seeds.


We demand 14 eth for 7k trees to be planted for 4 months

Metamask address:

We want to show the world that nouns is serious about the global warming problem. Were anyone just talk about it. While nouns is actually helping to heal the world. and make it happen!

We will post on every nouns flatform on social media about our ongoing tree planting for awareness and to inspire other people around web3 also irl.