Nouns Biggest Tree Planting for nature

:seedling:Nouns Tree Planting Activities :deciduous_tree:


:seedling:Funds will be use for our movement for nature


We will do tree planting activities that will help our nature.

:deciduous_tree:due to the spread of commercial and consumption of products that use wood, our forests are being depleted, which has a great impact on global warming

:herb: Done by who: me and my group of friends who are active in this work and we are also active in nouns social media flatforms.

:deciduous_tree:the funds to be used are for us to buy a t-shirt with the nouns logo and the tree planting activity is indicated there. And other materials specially thousands of seeds. From nursery to planting activity :palm_tree:

:evergreen_tree:and the other funds will be used for snacks and other needs of the event.:ear_of_rice:

:four_leaf_clover:and other funds that will be left over will be used to encourage others to participate in this work. :herb:

:camping:We are eager to make our group to get bigger. And we want to inspire as many as possible to do the same thing for our mother nature :seedling:


If our group gets bigger i hope the nouns community will help us to get funded. To buy more seeds.


We demand 14 eth for 7k trees to be planted for 4 months

Metamask address:

We want to show the world that nouns is serious about the global warming problem. Were anyone just talk about it. While nouns is actually helping to heal the world. and make it happen!

We will post on every nouns flatform on social media about our ongoing tree planting for awareness and to inspire other people around web3 also irl.

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I love this. Is this what you would call a MVP? I’ve been taking notes!

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we will track all data needed to be more proficient to achieve the montly goal of planting. Some of my friends have a personal job todo while me and my other group of friends are free by this we are available for 4 months of work. By means we can take care the nursery time for 24/7 3 weeks so plant are healthy before the day planting. We targeted to plant atleast 1750 pcs of different trees in 1 month. To achieve the 7,000 trees in 4 months planted in different locations. The funds to use should be proficiently and cost effective as much as possible to achieve the main goal of 7k trees.
We will also talk to local government for clearances to plant trees on different locations.

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These are the types of trees

on our list:

This tree bani is good covering sorroundings from sunlight also the leaves are good for neutralizing carbon dioxide

Mango is also on our list as it is also good for shading, cleaning the air while producing fruit.

Narra is critically endager tree as it is one of the most durable tree. And its widely use for luxury furnitures. by planting this trees in massive amount we prevent it to being extinct

We will print alot of nouns tree planting leaflet and spread to houses also to participants

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I’m all for the idea of planting trees!

It could be helpful to explain exactly how the 14eth would be used for this project. Who will be receiving the funds, how will they be distributed. Will it be a stream of funds distributed over time or is all of it needed all at once?

To help raise the chances of this proposal succeeding, it could be helpful to find more ways to involve Nouns in the project. Maybe try to find volunteers within your community and give them a Nouns shirt and ask them to make a post on social media - just a thought.

Best of luck!

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I will follow your idea. For now i will use my personal funds to buy some shirts and give it to my friends also i ask them to post it on their social media accounts. This is one of my dream to help our environment. Most of us are busy in life and do their own thing for their life as they dont have time to invest for the nature… And i my self is willing to do the act for the nature. All i need is to get funded and while im doing this massive tree plantinf activity all the the trees we plant is becuase of the help of the nouns community specially the community admins and like you sir. Who make this thing possible.

Everything we do we will involve Nouns as the nouns is our priority to get exposure. We our selves will use nouns glasses for every photo shoot and we will print lots of nouns tarpaulin for tree planting on the location of planting activity. And we are planning to post a mini billboard for nouns tree planting activity in multiple community. This is our strategy to give back to nouns dao who have a big help to make this massive tree planting activity to happen.

I like tree planting and I like Nouns, but it’s tough to see how this will end up being ‘nounish’ enough to justify the ask here. It would be great to see if you could get the Nounish video production team to come and film the process and tell the story. Maybe that takes it to the next level and helps get this off the ground. Also, is it possible to do smaller chunks? I think would would be a slam dunk as a 2ETH prop house to get your feet wet and show what can be done in your area of the world.

Just my two cents. Keep building!

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We will produce a video series during the planting and conduct an interview throughout the process and post it on social media such as twitter instagram and facebook. Throughout the duration, the nouns must be noticeable because all the themes of the project are “nouns tree planting activities”. We will also create a social media account for nouns tree planting program where we post all the information and happening also in what we do and what we did. by this people get notified about the following- next tree planting project.

First We will carefully review the videos and photos before posting on social media so we can produce a quality video/photo for nounsdao exposure!


I’m looking forward if nounsdao wanna make it to happen~

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How can I plant one of the 7,000 trees??