Small Grants: Another Round of The Sounds of Nouns

Hello NounsDAO

As the month of March comes to an end so does the 30 day trail of the Sounds of Nouns Series. We laughed, we cried, but mostly I hope we all danced to the jingles, maybe while still crying?

The series is slowly gaining some traction on social media, has already sparked some collaboration in the Nouns discord and appears to be widely well received.
I propose a renewal of the series for another 30 days at the same rate to continue the proliferation of this project and enrich the Nouns universe.
For this round I was also wondering if the DAO wanted to revisit and explore the idea of scaling the project in a way possibly integrating the jingles more into the front end?

I can’t thank the NounsDAO and the community at large enough for their support for the project. It’s been a fun creative challenge and a real joy adding even more personality and dimension to the daily nouns. Here is a LINK to the original proposal and thanks for reading!

Nate The Sounds of Nouns Guy