Noun Songs and Poems

Hello Noun community. I have been a long time watcher of your community and have been fascinated at how it’s evolved, so kudos to you all. Joining the community by having my own is not within reach, but its still rather enjoyable to follow the many collaborations and all of the Noun “universe” growing in engaging ways. That said, I just joined in on having a piece of your premier video by Goldy and look forward to the one with Atrium. Wen Noun movie? Please find a studio I beg you!

I’m not a professional in anything not related to physics/math, so I can’t produce the quality of work mentioned above but I still thought I could contribute in someway to the project. I wanted to see if there would be any interest in funding (1) Noun song and (3) Noun poems. I have been writing lyrics and poems for a good portion of my life as a hobby and think I can produce some worth while ones that would apply to this Noun DAO/community all together. I would also like to mint them as on-chain NFTs to be sent to the Noun treasury but have to admit I don’t know how to convert them to such and wouldn’t want the data to be owned by a 3rd party.

  • Timeline would be (1) month to produce all (4) text based items
    • If the right tool can be found will convert to (4) on chain NFTs
  • Timeline could be extended by (1) more month if there is interest in having the (4) items recorded with voice (not mine), would need a source to send those files to
  • Funding of 0.25 ETH

Please let me know if there is any interest in this idea or general thoughts. I can write up a more detailed plan of my timeline and methodology for determining what should go in the writings if there is. The TLDR is I’ll be scouring the Noun history for themes, eras, and moments.