Discussion: Nouns with Sounds (Small Grants)

Hi everyone. I’ve recently joined Nouns DAO by way of Noun 375. I’ve been building in the NFT space since 2018 and have built various projects. One project that my partner and I built is called Audioglyphs, a collection of generative music NFTs that synthesize a unique, infinite stream of music directly in your browser at lossless quality. We want to repurpose this technology for Nouns with Sounds.

What are Nouns with Sounds?

Daily auctions to proliferate CC0, on-chain, generative music using an open audio format we created that allows arbitrarily high quality and length with file sizes small enough to be put on chain for a small fraction of an ETH in gas. Noun art will interact with generative audio (head bobs, movement, etc.).

We intend to build this into a platform that can host independent and prominent artists. For example a week of auctions could contain a base patch from a well known artist and others could be generated from patches built by an independent artist in the web3 community.

25% of proceeds go Nouns DAO

25% of proceeds + every 10th Noun with Sound goes to Nouns with Sounds founders

50% of proceeds goes to Nouns with Sounds DAO to be governed by Nouns with Sounds holders

Nouns with Sounds DAO

The goal of the DAO is to make generative music have an impact on society similar in size to the development of recorded music and to create a new business/distribution model for music that pays artists while sharing culture with everyone.

Existing Audioglyph Community

We intend to delegate Nouns with Sounds to the existing Audioglyph community to participate in NwS DAO voting (e.g. SharkDAO)

Small Grant Ask

Reimbursement for smart contract deployment and adding initial sample data/music configuration to chain not to exceed 3 ETH.


hey Deployer, great chatting with you about this yesterday. i think this is really interesting and SG would definitely cover deployment fees. a combo of sound + nounish aesthetics is a really cool foundation for a larger platform, and the 25% proceeds going to Nouns DAO will incentive Nouns to see the project succeed

overall, i think the design space for Nouns forks has barely been explored and SG is here to help all kinds of experiments like this get off the ground

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excited to see this take shape!

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Alright I’ve updated how I am thinking about this. The trustless mechanism to swap out base patches which generate the music is new. Also rather than 25% of proceeds going directly to the Nouns DAO - it goes to a pool to buy Nouns. This gives Nouns with Sounds holders access to the Nouns DAO and we are also contributing back to Nouns.

Ideally could get some more funding (than potentially what small grants would allow) to start building this either through prop house, or a formal proposal (probably prop house?)

how much time and work would it take to get this off the ground from here? Small Grants would be happy to fund this at the requested 3 ETH when you’re ready to launch. what do you think?

I’m thinking it would take at least 80 dev hours. There would be two developers, myself and a partner. I was thinking, given that Nouns has funds, that an incentive in the 10 ETH range to build the project would not be unreasonable given a good amount of effort would go into this.