Raves OnChain by Nouns DAO

Hey everyone, I’m right now on the hunt for some funding for an idea that I’ve already executed on in the past and now want to bring over into the crypto space and the USA… Lowkey, most of the parties in the crypto space are wack because they’re half-assed and poorly executed… And never about the art or the fun but just about the status… I want to change that up and show people what good music is and what an amazing partying experience can be like when there is no hierarchy…

So here is my proposal and I want to hear some feedback and also if someone wants to point me in the right direction of getting this sponsored - since I’m not a DAO Noun holder. If you have any questions feel free to ask them!


Velvet <3

Raves OnChain by Nouns DAO

What do I want to do?
I want to convert a step van into the ultimate mobile DJ booth and streaming studio. Think a high-tech food truck that has a DJ booth instead of a line cook. Then I want to travel through the US, visit crypto events, and do pop-up shows with local music scenes and producers/DJs/Artists at these locations.

Why Nouns?

  • I think the aesthetic would be killer - I want the DJ playing out of the Nouns glasses as the people party in front.
  • but most importantly, instead of me running around and aggregating various crypto sponsors, I want to see what the Nouns community says. Usually, when I collaborate with multiple sponsors, they all want to give their 2 cents - which always negatively impacts the end result due to compromising.

Why me?

  • I’ve built a mobile DJ booth/recording studio out in Europe before (https://youtu.be/QFTYiXOdAT4).
  • I’ve built an online music channel that grew from 0 to 60k monthly listeners.
  • I have a network of over 400 artists/producers/DJs from across the globe.
  • I’ve organized over 100 music events in my life.
  • This is my fun - Music, Crypto, DIY, and Events!
  • I have a well-paying and likable job so I won’t be greedy.

End Goal

  • Record over 100 performances and upload them to all available streaming platforms at the time of the distribution.
  • Attend 5 various crypto conferences with the Bus 2024
  • Organize 5 events
  • Organize 10 guerilla-pop-up events.
  • Work with 10 non-web3 record labels.


Before the proposal is submitted:

  • 3d rendered design
  • Detailed budget (what equipment)
  • Detailed event map

Phase 1, the build from now till April 2024…

  • Purchase a step van
  • Convert it into the mobile recording/DJ booth

Phase 2, the traveling from May till March

  • Permissionless III (Satellite events) - October 9-11, 2024
  • Consensus 2024 (Satellite events) - May 28 – 31, 2024
  • ACL 2024 (Satellite events) - October 2024
  • Veecon 2024 (Satellite events) - May 2024
  • Art Basel 2024 - December 2024
  • SWSX 2025 - March 2025
  • many more events

Rough Cost Breakdown

Phase 1: $118,000 - 72ETH
Bus - 45,000
Window modification - 6,000
Roof Rack - 6,000
Power modification - 7,000
Recording equipment - 5,000
Speakers - 20,000
DJ Equipment - 6,000
Painting of the bus - 8,000
Lighting - 5,000
Welding/Customization work - 10,000

Phase 2: $99,000 - 60ETH (Maybe less ETH in the future)
Gas - 2,000
Insurance - 2,000
Room and board - 4,000
Crypto Budget - 6,000
Staffing - 50,000
Artist Pay - 20,000
Branding/Printing - 15,000

I came across this proposed idea? Should I make the above also similar to this one?

What should I focus on when pitching such a financially heavy proposal? Is ROI important in regard to brand recognition? What are the things we’re looking to achieve?