Song A Day #5000

Hey all! Your friendly neighborhood song a day Mann here.

My 5000th song is coming up, and I was wondering if there’s any appetite for Nouns bidding on the NFT. I feel like I’ve seen most proposals around collecting NFTs get voted down, which makes sense; Nouns is not a collecting DAO! However, I feel like there could be some resonance here with Song A Day specifically.

We’re both focused around making 1 thing a day. The structure of my DAO (SongADAO) was directly inspired by Nouns. And I did make the song for Noun 69.

Also, I have been chatting with some folks about the possibility of making a Nouns Rock Opera! (But that’s a story for another post.)

Anyway, I’m throwing this idea out there to see what happens. I keep thinking about Beeple’s 5000th going for 23,000 eth and thinking, “How can I make sure SAD #5000 goes for a similar amount!” :star_struck:

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I went and listened to a couple songs. Very cool idea. I think you’d have a lot of trouble getting a vote from the DAO because it’s not Nounish per se, but I’m still glad you posted it. There are a lot of music lovers in the community and I hope you attract some more people to your DAO through it.

Also wanted to mention that I heard some chatter on Twitter about a similar idea for a music DAO collective auctioning Nouns with songs attached as a derivative project. Maybe you’d be interested in searching that out and joining their venture as an artist partner? Just figured I’d mention it.

Love your stuff! Fan of your work for sure but not sure how it fits into the Nounish ecosystem. Maybe there’s a specific collab that can be done in the future that feels more organic for both parties?

Congrats on this milestone!