Small Grants: The Sounds of Nouns Series: An Original Jingle Every Day for Your Noun

Proposal Description

The Sounds of Nouns Series: An Original Jingle Every Day for Your Noun

Why a jingle?

  • Adding an audio component creates a fun and different way to experience Nouns.
  • Draw attention and inspire the next generation of artists to create other songs and audio work based on Nouns.
  • A perfect and unique companion piece that Nouns will want to share with other Nouns and compare.
  • A jingle could expand the reach of Nouns to a more mainstream audience.
  • A jingle by nature is designed to be remembered which can help further proliferate the noun community.
  • Nouns are cool and anything cool deserves it’s own jingle.

The Sounds of Nouns Series

Every day when a Noun is auctioned off, I will compose, record, mix and produce a unique musical jingle complete with lyrics pertaining to the characteristics of that specific Noun. Each jingle will be unique but will contain the same Nouns ‘stinger’ at the end to help brand and tie them together. Whoever wins the Noun that day gets the jingle. The jingle will be available for download from my site in video format. I think video format is ideal as people can share it visually with audio on Twitter etc.

Sounds of Nouns Examples

I created a short reel of jingles for four different nouns to give you an idea of the format and what these personalized ditties can sound like. Check it!

Funds Requested

The total amount for the project is 25ETH

0.25 ETH for each jingle x 100 days

Who is Nate Mills

I am a producer/composer/jingle writer for 15 years now living in Toronto, Canada. I have freelanced for various commercial music houses in Toronto and internationally. Previous clients include the Toronto Blue Jays, Walmart, KFC, Pfizer and many more. I am also a Juno Award nominee and the frontman of a band called Run With the Kittens. Here is a link to my website which includes a sample of my commercial work as well as other artistic projects.

About my collaboration with Nouns

I am new to this world but I was turned on to Nouns by a friend and I am now a fan of the community. I first reached out to Noun22 to pitch this idea for consideration under the small grants and retroactive funding pool. I’d like to send him my gratitude for all the kind enthusiasm and feedback he’s shown regarding this fun project.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’re as jazzed about this as I am!

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I love these

The 4 examples provided have me cracking up - especially the one for 197 (the hip black duck)

I want to fund a trial from small grants to get more of these made - with an emphasis on them being funny/weird and having a sense of personality

If other DAO members like the samples/trial we could figure out a way to scale the project and maybe integrate the jungles more into the front end

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I echo @noun22 here with the trial. maybe we could do 30 days for 6 ETH?

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Hey hey I’m totally down for 6ETH for 30 days of original nouns jingles! When do we want this project to commence?
My thinking is that I would write a new jingle everyday for each new noun that’s generated.
If people want a jingle for their existing noun that’s completely doable too but it would be outside the scope of this current proposal.

small grants is happy to fund this for 30 days for 6 eth!

i just want to make sure the jingles get shared daily in our discord and on twitter

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First off, hells yes, and secondly, absolutely! I will be sharing each creation on the daily on said platforms.
When do we want the project to commence?

how soon is convenient for you?

I can start as soon as this Wed or we could do a fresh tidy start March1st.
Dealers choice!

March 1 works! A month of Nounish jingles

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