Nouns.Blog: An Update

A little over a month ago, I proposed the idea of Nouns Blog to the DAO. It has been rather well-received by Nounders, frens, and the community, but with one crucial suggestion outstanding.

Wen Blog?

The community has helped me realize that the Nouns vibe with art, dev work, and the Nounish meme. So after hours of planning and working on the project, allow me to give an update and share a sneak peek of Nouns Blog.


For the most part, our mission and vision stays the same.

To educate the normies, and proliferate the Nounish meme.

Feel free to check out our original discourse post on Nouns Blog for context.

Here are some key changes from the previous post:

  • Custom-creation of a Nouns Blog website ( - still in the works)
  • Uploading several Nouns-related articles to give a jist of my writing style
  • Incorporating various Nounish elements into the site (after all, we’re CC0!)

Current Focal Points

At the moment, we’re working to finish our preliminary website in time for the upcoming round 4 of Prop.House. Here’s a sneak peek :slight_smile:

Prop House & Small Grants
We are also looking to start curating articles for the blog as soon as possible. Will be vying for Prop.House, as well as Small grants if possible. (@noun22)

By popular demand, we will be developing our L2E system first. The Learn-to-Earn system rewards passionate readers of the Nouns Blog, with Nounish NFTs and ETH cash prizes!

Of course, this will be budget dependent, but we can guarantee that some rewards will be handed to the community!

Our Team

Several members of the Nouns DAO have reached out to help, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you. For the preliminary work, allow me to introduce you to @Pajas and @!xargs.

Blowned: Writer for Nouns Blog, speaking to you rn :wink:
Pajas: Graphic designer and artist for Nouns Blog, also helps @leoclark with Nouns News
Xargs: Web dev building Nouns Blog backend, also leading N4T

Action Plan and Call To You - The Community

First and foremost, it would be a great honor to see the Nouns fam vote for us in the upcoming prop. Should I say, pls, ser?

But really, to those who are still reading and wish to help out, thank you from the bottomest of our hearts!

Call To Action for SubDAOs!!

Another integral program in our OG Nouns Blog concept was “Nouniverse Spotlight”, where subdaos can have a featured segment in our articles.

Calling out all subdaos who are interested, drop me a message!

Currently we’re looking more for sponsorships, but to incentivize subdaos, here’s what we propose:

  • Featured segment of subdao in a Nouns Blog article
  • Choice of what article you’d like me to write about
  • Editing and other site administrative rights - TBD
  • Possible complimentary PR written by Blowned for your project? Hmu mate.

In A Nutshell

So yes, that is a brief update on Nouns Blog, there are tons behind the scenes which we will reveal in due time.

Do keep a lookout for our prop on Prop.House, and have a good weekend ahead!!

Original Discourse Post: Nouns Blog: The Start of a Nounish Resource
Original Notion info dump: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Nouns Blog: Will comment link below when the blog goes live.


If I could get a curated Nouniverse update in my inbox every Saturday morning, I’d sign up tomorrow. Proposal updates, nounish project features, juicy gossip from the discord. Your idea would have helped me a lot and will provide untold value to the DAO if used properly.


Hey Andrew, I believe @maty is already doing this in his weekly newsletter! We will be linking it in Nouns Blog if he allows haha.

At Nouns Blog, our main aim is to share ideas and insights - in the form of articles.

Maybe, just maybe… a newsletter of our own one day?

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Sounds like your articles could just help fill out the newsletter. Maybe you could write me an article on where to find the newsletter. :sweat_smile:

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Haha, why not!

Would keep that idea in mind mate. Thanks for your support :pray:

1 Like first edition is live!!

Do check it out :slight_smile: