Small Grant: A Nounish Beehive with The Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary Project

Project Overview

The Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary Project ( is a comprehensive initiative focused on empowering Maya Beekeepers, safeguarding the Melipona bees, and preserving ancient Mayan culture. This project provides communities with the necessary resources to establish bee apiaries, create sanctuaries for healthy bee populations, and facilitate the sale of precious Melipona honey. By contributing to this project, we are driving economic growth, ecological harmony, and cultural sustainability.

Mayan Melipona Bee Inc is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Corporation.

Proliferating Nouns with it’s own Meliponario

The Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary Project aligns with the philosophy by nurturing the essence of the Melipona bees and empowering the communities that protect them. Just as Nouns encourages a decentralized and empowering approach to ownership and creation, our project empowers Maya Beekeepers to become stewards of their ancient beekeeping practices, ensuring the continuation of both ecological and cultural heritage.

We’re thrilled to create a unique Nounish Meliponario in Yucatan, Mexico as part of this grant funding. This sanctuary will not only provide safety for bees but also introduce locals, students, and travelers to Nouns’ philosophy. By merging Nouns’ empowerment ideals with the preservation of ancient beekeeping traditions, we’re fostering ecological and cultural heritage. Regular social media updates will share the sanctuary’s story, spreading awareness of Nouns and our mission worldwide. This initiative showcases how collaboration can create meaningful impacts locally and globally.​​

The Nounish Meliponario will be of this size/scale with a informational sign about MMB & Nouns.

Small Grant Funding Breakdown

We are seeking funding of 10 ETH (approximately $16,500) or up to 20 ETH to support the following aspects of The Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary Project & Nouns Proliferation:

20% ($3,300) for Ongoing Development *

Enhancing and maintaining MMB’s website, social media presence, and marketing efforts to reach wider audiences and engage supporters effectively.
*Partly retroactive to continue updates of our new website.

20% ($3,300) for Bee the Future Maya Education Center

Funding the establishment of an Education Center that will educate individuals about the importance of bees, sustainable beekeeping practices, and the cultural significance of the Maya beekeeping tradition.

60% ($9,900) for the 1st Nounish Bee Meliponario

Construction of the very first Nounish Bee Meliponario, a specialized sanctuary designed around the Nouns brand while protecting and caring for Melipona Bees. This infrastructure is vital for sustaining healthy bee populations and supporting their vital role in pollination.

Future Impact: New Bee The Future Maya Education Center

As we strive to create a lasting impact, we have a long-term vision of constructing the New Bee The Future Maya Education Center, estimated at $30,000. This educational hub will serve as a beacon of learning, shedding light on the significance of bees, the Maya beekeeping tradition, and fostering community engagement. Additionally, we envision a dedicated section within the center to promote Nouns’ principles, allowing visitors to explore decentralized ownership and creative empowerment. While we look forward to securing additional funding to realize this vision, your support through this small grant is invaluable in propelling us towards these future milestones.

Our Hive Team + Contact Info

Meet the dedicated team behind The Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary. Discover the passionate individuals working to preserve, protect, and promote the Melipona bees of the Yucatan and their vital role in our ecosystem.

Contact our technical lead Kevin Williams ( or our program director Rebecca Ann Robertson ( with any questions or concerns.

MMB’s first and only ETH Address: 0x9616b9438B763FC71C599757F8457ffbb4503195


The Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary Project holds three core missions: preserving culture, empowering maya beekeepers, and establishing sanctuaries. With this grant, we can continue fostering sustainable practices, economic growth, and ecological balance in the Maya communities. Your support will directly contribute to the longevity of these practices, the prosperity of Maya beekeepers, and the well-being of the Melipona bees. We believe that through collaboration, we can make a meaningful impact on both local communities and the larger ecosystem while spreading the altruism of Nouns.

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