Small Grants: NOUNNOUN, Nounish Christmas Meal

We want to make Nouns DAO known to Nigerians and also help in merging Nigerian products with that of Nouns. With NOUNNOUN (Now Now) we want to provide christmas meals for Nigerians (Schools, Churches, Mosques and hospitals) and in the most decentralized way as possible.

Users find Nouns Complex and unrelateable.
Low number of store outlets built on Nouns.
Low number of intracting users.

We are building web 2 company outlet on Nouns so as to serve as its marketplace.
We will help the DAO fufill its goal of providing relief but in a more decentralized manner
We will simplfiy Nouns DAO, so that users can find it easy to interact with it.

The Project
Country Kitchen is going to be representing their meal plans in form of NFTs which can be redeemed for the actual meal.
Coal NFT: Small size plate of rice, one chicken, and one soda. AKA One Man
Bronze NFT: Medium Sie plate of rice, one chicken, and a soda. AKA Join Me
Silver NFT: Large Plate of rice, Two chicken, Fish/chicken pie. AKA Appetite
Gold NFT: Family-size package. Customizable through preferred traits. MAX 4 : AKA For Us
Platinum NFT: Group size package. Customizable through preferred traits. MAX 7. AKA Mini Owambe


  1. Chicken x/7
  2. Chicken pie x/7
  3. Four available variations of soda
  4. Ice cream
    We will be minting 1750 NFTs
    1200 NFTs will be given to Nouners to distribute, to Nigerians of their choice.
    400 To be distributed by the Factory
    150 to be distributed by Country Kitchen

700 Coal NFT
600 Bronze NFT
300 Silver NFT
100 Gold NFT
50 Platinum NFT

On Every Plate, there will be a Noun Noogle and a fact about Nouns

The Factory’s job is to:
Raise awareness and send in traffic (People in Schools, churches, hospitals, and areas around Country Kitchen’s outlets) to participate in the “Noun is bringing Santa” Christmas day celebration
Set up a discord server for Nouner and New members to interact and form connections
Create promotional content.
Onboard New Users, involves: Educating them on how to; set up wallets and interact safely with web 3, create an account, and join Nouns’ social media
Help Country Kitchen Create NFTs and get them to be self-sustaining on Noun
Get the community to Repost, tag, and Appreciate Nouns DAO.
Coal NFTs : 2 Eth
Bronnze NFTs: 2 Eth
Silver NFTs: 2.5 eth
Gold NFTs:2.5 eth
Platinuim NFTs:3

NFT development
Graphics 0.5 eth
Programming 1 eth
Promotion on social media (Tik-Tok, Twitter, Facebook, Discord) 1 eth
Deliveries 0.4 eth

Total: 14.9 Eth
This translates to about $10/meal

NFT Factory is a web 3 company that mints NFTs for individuals, brands, organizations, and businesses. We are looking forward to obtaining the factory trait Noun NFT. With this grant, we are 100% sure that we will onboard at least 10k members into the DAO and at least 1750 will win a meal on christmas day. We hope the grant can be approved as soon as possible so as to quickly commence the production of the NFT, Onboard members and get them to perform activities to qualify for the meal.


Hi Abimbola, interesting idea. Couple questions to understand this:

  1. Do you have an existing app that people use to redeem their food, how does this work?
  2. What chain will you be using for the nfts?
  3. Who are the Nouners that will receive 1200 nfts? If it is existing holders, this doesn’t make sense.
  4. Is 12 eth being given to Country Kitchen to make the food?
  5. A 50kg bag of rice costs ₦43,000 ($100). How much rice is needed for this project?
  6. What does 1 chicken mean in your prop? How many kilos of chicken do you need?
  7. Looking at the KFC menu it seems that your pricing per meal is actually very high? And that you could be giving people a lot more value for $10? KFC Nigeria offers an ALL-STAR BOX (1 Zinger Burger, 1 piece of Chicken, 1 Regular Chips & 1 Drink) ₦4,400 ($10)
  8. If I’m not mistaken the cards in your prop come from another Nouns prop?

Hello RGB-NOUN, thanks for the wonderful questions. Here are the answers to the questions, but we have the advantage of developing this idea with a community, therefor we are opened to suggestions in order for this project to run smoothly.

The NFT becomes soul bound once the redeem feature is activated, this will all be incorporated in the coding of the NFT. NounNoun mint site will be released, where community members that won meals can be added to an allow list. We could have gone out to make food and give it out directly but we want to push the utility of NFT and and ensure the gradual pratice of decentralization. NounNoun Minting site will continue to function even after the christmas period, adding more categories of food. The aim of this is to create a platform where people can purchase public goods with Crypto.

We are considering Polygon/ BNB so as to minimize gas fee. Your opinion on this will be highly welcomed.

We want to give exisitng Nouners this NFTs, here is the reason behind this.

  1. We want Nouners to interact with new members, by organizing quizes about Nouns, games and spaces then reward winners and active members with this NFTs.
  2. We want Nouners to connect with the new members we will be onboarding, understand their stories and choose those they want to help/give the christmas gifts. Nouners are the Santas coming to town.
    We want to understand your thoughts on this and why it might not be a good idea.

Yes. Once the grant is approved, we will send 12 eth directly to the wallet of Country Kitchen.

You are right with the numbers above. We left the preparation of meals to country Kitchen, but meals will be in diffrent sizes based on rarity. One chicken on coal & silver NFT will be the size of a drum stick while from Silver to Platinum will be half a whole chicken.
Screenshot 2022-11-28 135510
The smallest size here is considerablely larger than what’s been used to package any other meal in Nigerian restaurants.
My estimation of meals to be ~$10 was generalized and based on total cost.
For coal NFT, which will be 700 pieces, cost is 2 eth. 2 x $1200 = $2400 x #770 = 1848 000/ 700 = #2640 /meal. One thing we can assure is that, the packages we are offering will be of better quantity N quality compared to meals made by restaurants.
Another thing is, there are two exchanges in Nigeria. The official (440) and Black market (700-770) rate. My calculations are based on the Black market rate which will give us more liquidity to achieve the goal.

The design of the card was made by us, we are still working to create better designs (will be submitted here so the community can pick the one we should go with) The Noun image on the card was Noun NFT number 80 and its traits. It is just an example of the kind of things we want to have on the card. The card will be a way we can directly share information about Noun to the people. So, if a Nouner is giving out the NFTs to New members, he/she/they can decide on the information he/she/they want to put on the card. This personal level of touch is how we want to show the world that Nouns is not just throwing money at problems but cares about the people.

Awesome, let’ see if anyone else in the community has questions.

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Oh I forgot to ask, if you’re onboarding new people etc that can win and don’t have wallets but need gas fees for Polygon/Bnb, how does this work as some people won’t have money in their wallets?

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Cool, I was expecting this question.

It’s part of our job to educate them on how to set up wallet address. We are also part of the BNB chain gas fee incentive program, which means we get rebates from gas fee therefore we can assist people with gas fee.
If we decide to go with Polygon, we will be giving the opportunity of providing gas fee to those that can’t afford it (Indigents, those in hospitals).
Again, we are on the path of mass adoption and we want people to start interacting with blockchain tech thus we will assist them in every way possible.

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I remember reading your other prop. You’re really coming along! This is a cool, tangible activation to introduce people to web3 and I hope you can get some version of this approved. I’d love to see how many new wallets you all could get going. I believe Africa and SE Asia have some huge potential for a financial revolution using crypto, but I haven’t seen many experiment beginning to attempt to kick that off. Kudos to you and your team for getting creative to try and get something moving.

If this ends up being too much for a first round, is there a way to scale it down to test it out first? Could the levels be released one at a time instead of all at once? Do you have any media people who could gather photos and videos to show the process?

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Wow! Thank you for your kind words. It’s a real morale boost for my team and I.

Yeah, I get this can be a big ask for the first time and might cause some concerns, but we are exploiting the opportunity of this festive season to get people behind Nouns. We want to be able to make significant impact. Our initial decision was to reach 10k people across 5 states in Nigeria but being the first ask we decided to dial it down to 1750 and in 1 state but across all cities.
We are here for the long haul, with the aim to obtain the Factory Noun.
We are also able to think on the spot and quickly improvise therefore failure is not an option.
But I will like to stress the fact that we will need enough time to work on this. The activity is scheduled for 25th of December, which gives us 24 days to get everything ready.
Week 1 : Releasing funds for country kitchen and commencing the building of the minting site. Dropping design samples for the card within each packages. Designing Noogle stickers.

Week 2 : Developing discord server and adding the group in Noun center. Testing the NFT redeeming feature. Promotions and adding people to the server and getting them to follow TikTok and twitter account.

Week 3 :Handing NFTs to Nouners. Events across social media and distribution of NFTs to winners. Treasure hunts.

Week 4: Event week.

Yes, we understand the importance of showing the process involved in what we are doing, therefore we have made provision for making time lapse video of the cooking and packaging process. All recipients will also make a ‘Thank you’ video, tagging TNS on TikTok and twitter. They will also share the information on the card within their package on socials.

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I was thinking more about this. What if you guys just built the project, offered it to your community as is, and then offered it to the Nouns community to go in and purchase some of the NFTs as donations. We get the NFT, but the food goes to your community. All they need to do is set up the wallet and claim one that we paid for. That would be a fun, feel good story for all of us! Would be a heck of a TNS show as well.

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Hello AndrewLaddusaw,
Yeah, this is one way to go about it and we have thought about that too. This method will make it Retroactive funding which will definitely help us achieve our goal.
As it is now though, my project is low on funds and will experience difficulty in setting up the infrastructures for this event. Country kitchen will also experience delay in funding which might cause flaws in project delivery.
We are hoping after this first prop, we will be able to set up the projects first then open it up to the Nouns community.

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Ok. I’ll leave it at that. Hopefully someone from NSFW will come in and give their 2 cents as well.

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Thank you for taking the time to ask questions.