Small Grants: 500 Nounish gifts for vulnerable kids at Christmas

Proposal: 500 Nounish gifts for vulnerable kids in Colombia at Christmas


There are some underprivileged communities in Bogotá, Colombia, where the NGO: Convivencias ( has tried to bring them a project every Christmas, in which some workshops are provided to the families to promote the good treatment at their home, and when they complete it, a lunch and a gift is given to every child there.

Due to the COVID-19 and the economic recession, we couldn’t go there the past 2 years but this year we want to ask NounsDao for help and if you decide it, make you the protagonist to achieve a big goal of 500 Nounish Christmas Gifts ⌐◨-◨ .

A gift for coexistence

Our purpose is to continue with the campaign “A gift for coexistence”, a social cause that started in 2010 to promote in Ciudad Bolivar (The locality with more needs in Bogotá) the good treatment of children through family strengthening workshops and culminating with the celebration of Christmas offering a detail for them. These gifts will be delivered on December 23-24 of this Christmas to children of social class 1 and 2. To check the impact of previous years please visit this NFT collection where we have just uploaded a bit of it


Charitable initiatives like this one improve the quality of life for others, build stronger communities, and spread impactful values to the society. We know that Nouns DAO connects the community also thorugh these values and we want to share this nounish ethos. This project will allow Nouns DAO to reach out to audience in Christmas, those who are generous and kind at heart to spread the mission of proliferation of Nouns branding. We will focus to have full visibility of the project via local media, Social media and collect high quality multimedia to create the best Nounish Cristmas photo book. This charity will have our nounish footprint to inspire others to do good deeds and support those who are in need

Execution and Funds breakdown

Given our past experiences and we are requesting for 1.9ETH to organize a Nounish gift for coexistence inititative

  • Nounish Merch, bags and photographer (0.5ETH)
  • Gifts (0.6ETH)
  • Lunchs (0.5ETH)
  • Social Workshops (0.2ETH)
  • Transport (0.1ETH)

TOTAL ASK: 1.9ETH or USD 2,000

Upon receiving funds (hope it could be 2 weeks before Christmas Day):

Week 1 - Purchase Gifts+ Merch Production + Open volunteering application to local community
Week 2 - Start of Workshops (Duration: Est 2-3hrs) and Gifts Session on December 23th-24th

Photos will be taken and updated on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to serve as proof to event.

We are excited about this new opportunity to keep creating impactful initiatives with a nounish spirit ⌐◨-◨


Great initiative. I like that it was already a tradition, has been done many times before, and is already an institution you have a relationship with.


Exactly! Thanks to those that are kind at heart we have achived to reach to +1000 children smiles in overall during the past years. And with the non-profit organization we also could reach to the people that really needs, we have been contacted by the community leaders that knows the areas where these actions really impacts into the society

Thanks for your comment @necfas!! :relaxed: