Proposal : Nouns Archive Expansion

Nouns Archive Expansion - On Chain Proposal


  • Nouns Archive is an one-stop archive center which contain the creativity of NounsDAO’s contestants and all the memes proliferations.
  • We intend to grow by integrating projects from the Nouns community, by introducing a streamlined landing page through visuals.
  • 4 months of operation.
  • 34.87 ETH requested.
  • Nouns Archive Expansion Mockup - TRY ME NOW!


Hello NounsDAO,

I’m Voadz, one of the Nouncillors. Periodically, I’ve seen a tonne of contests hosted by our nounish communities such as coloring book contests by Noun22 & Messhup, memes contests by Noadz, and is now mainly being held by the Noun Square team. We have seen full of delightful contest submissions with all sorts of genres from all across the world.

I took an initiative to build a website where we can display all of the entries from NounsDAO’s contestants because I personally feel it is very important for the DAO to do so. Additionally, it provides access to all future possibilities.

As time passes, I feel it needs to grow even more by including all of the Nouns projects from the community and not only the contestants. Our memes proliferations are all contained inside.

Why is it important to document and archive these things?

“The body continuously explores time and space. It holds our history, if we listen closely.” -Chloe Chotrani


  • Long-term Vision ;

    • To retain past and future historical key data of all talented builders & artists that contribute around Nouns ecosystem.
  • Objective ;

      1. To help onboard & navigate newcomers that is interested with Nouns to catch a glimpse of what the project is all about through visual design to create a stronger impression.
      1. References that act as inspiration. Drawing from references is beneficial because it provides our imaginations with tangible things to model after.
      1. To create potential opportunity for artists / builders to receive commissions or collaborative works/projects with others.
  • Strategy ;

      1. Simplified TL;DR with visuals / streamlined landing page consists of ; to browse relevant areas & specific parameters ;
        • simplified project brief
        • project owner
        • total funded
        • categories
        • links to real props / related infos
        • tags / filters (most recent, oldest, alphabetically)
        • distinct project images with descriptions
        • status
      1. Coordinate with other existing platforms already in place (ex.,, nounish) by pooling resources & efforts for maximum efficiency and also to complement each other.
      1. Community engagement ; host an art banner contests (bi-weekly) to be featured as weekly & monthly feature banner on the homepage of the website. It helps build a relationship growth with the DAO.
      1. A daily dose of nounish things ; daily curated posting of one random nounish project to give more visibility & brand consistency for long term goals.
      1. Main whiteboard to organise works ; Nouns Archive’s FigJam.
  • Measuring Success ;

      1. We are tracking using Google Analytics and will factor in a monthly report & insights of the website.
      1. As per image attached, it is an event count for the first month.
      1. Organic views and engagements will always be the baseline metrics, but currently, 85% of the contents are exclusively focus on contest entries. We anticipate that the graph will eventually be higher once we have completed building an MVP jointly across all nounish projects.
  • Deliverables ;

      1. Empower existing website, as per whole new concept interface attached above.
      1. On-the-go website with comprehensive materials, including numerous projects and submissions.
      1. As per said under Strategy.
      1. Biweekly reports and updates on new developments on discourse & social media (twitter & discord). Planning to search for other new platform that is suitable to use.
      1. Art banner contests (bi-weekly). Kupeh Rodriguez will assist to design the nounish contest posters for every round.
  • What we have delivered ;



Period of Engagement

  • 4 months : 15 December 2022 > 15 April 2023

Budget Breakdown

For 4 months deliverables & operation ;

You will notice an increase in the amount asked (NSFW), mainly due to building it full-time & the increased workloads (including extra working hours). You can refer under Strategy & Deliverables.

  • 21.54 ETH - Voadz
  • 10.77 ETH - Nero One
  • 2 ETH - Banner Contests
  • 0.56 ETH - Kupeh Rodriguez
  • 34.87 ETH - Total Requested

Multisig signers will be assigned once the prop are ready to submit for on-chain.


Our small grants contract will no longer be in effect by the end of November 22. We are committed to continue working on this, we intend to use the remaining time efficiently to solicit input and suggestions & finding sponsors while concurrently making changes to this prop and submit for on-chain.

Voadz ⌐◨-◨


I think having an archive with all the media generated by funded proposals is great.

It would make it easier for teams behind nounish and Stoopid Buddy documentary (and future teams) to get the media they need, so they can focus more time on the creative process and not aggregation. It would be even more powerful if the submission were coupled with a cc0 license agreement (or an option to choose cc0 vs other licenses) so people would be reassured they can use the media without any fear of licensing.

I’m not sure how the banner contests play into this, that part seems unnecessary to me.


I think it’s a great idea! hope it’ll be funded.

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That is one of the long-term goals we are pursuing.
It would be wonderful to contribute as an extension and a helper for these teams!
A setting that allows submitters to choose whether or not theirs are cc0. Always on the list!
Thanks for the brilliant ideas & feedbacks @maty. Appreciate it.

Thank you for the compliment @yura.
I hope it helps the DAO & other nounish communities in every possible way.

Hey all, here is the final draft updated based on everyone’s comments and suggestions.
We would like to present our prop during Nouncil calls this week.

Thank you for you time!

  1. Final Draft Proposal @ Hackmd
  2. Revised Website Mockup