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1. TL;DR

We would like to seek funding of 192.4K USDC (~106 ETH) to keep maintaining & developing over the next 6 months (May '23-Oct '23). Our focus is to increase the current media contents of Nouns ecosystem with the support of software improvements & public goods tools together enhancing user experiences.

2. Proposal Summary

Prop 176 Recap

On December 3rd, we were funded of 32.28 ETH ($42K) to build an archive center which stores & display all media contents of Nouns DAO’s projects & artworks and all the memes proliferations.

In the past 4 months we have ;

  1. - built a reliable archive website from the ground up
  2. Built features ; link to thread
  • under any categories, you can search any related data within the page, eg ; Nouns On-chain Proposal
    • prop number
    • project title
    • description
    • builders/artists
    • category
  • you can use cmd+k / ctrl+k for quick access to search in page
  • we enable scroll, filter & search persistence for better user navigation ( which stored on your device )
  • cc0 icon & download button
  1. As per 4/11/2023, we have gathered and archived ;
  1. Total No of Builders - Link
  2. Built a tool named Uploadr for quick data upload & storage to the Arweave network
  3. Organized & compiled full database in Nouns Archive’s Notion

Feedbacks from the communities

Past reference

3. Project Goals For Upcoming 6 Months

The Key Challenges

From Prop 176 :

  • There is no specific rule for proposers to update their project progress everyday, fortnightly, or once a month but we could encourage people to do more often if we help to provide the right tools.
  • Most of projects updates are usually stored on Twitter unless they have their own website or media-oriented approach which uses apps like Youtube, TikTok etc.
  • Most of the people had a difficulty to locate specific proposal outputs such as cc0 working files, links to repo to work with. (Community)
  • Some builders with huge outcomes but stucked with time constraint need an additional support to archive their outputs beside their social media.

We believe that we can help with cross pollination between early builders/artists by archiving their project progress & output (eg; links redirect to their official website/youtube etc).

The Strategies

Strategy 1 ; Curated submission form

  • We want to build a curated submission form attached to the website which benefits from multiple touchpoints.
  • Users are required for wallet connect (NNS supported) and request to submit a new sub-category and additional contents to their existing proposals.
  • The forms will allow users to select their preferred category, status, type of house, round, etc.
  • User can check their submission history together with submission details (eg; date, title & status)

Strategy 2 ; Uploader

  • We want to improvise an uploader with some new features which we built for the past few months.
  • Users are required for wallet connect (NNS supported) and will be token gated focusing on Nouns ecosystem to use it for free ;
    • Nounders
    • Nouners
    • Nounish Builders
    • Sub DAOs
    • Nouns’ NFT Open Edition Holders / Droposals (This Is Nouns, The Wizard’s Hat etc)
  • Anyone who has just got noun-pilled into the ecosystem and want to use it, they may choose from any of the available criteria above. This will gradually benefit the Nouns DAO ecosystem over time.
  • User can check their upload history together with the details (eg; date, title & arweave link)
  • The fee of the uploaded data is included under OpEx in Budget.

Strategy 3 ; Tooling R&D

  • We want to create and launch tooling research and development that will bring significant effect on the process and the project’s efficiency and for the DAO where everyone can use it.
  • We will use the fund under OpEx in Budget.

*These strategies are what we are focused on so far, but they are subject to change along the way or the best recommendations from the community. There will be more along the journey.

Data Permanence

  • We are using Arweave to store the main data for decentralized permanent data storage and we want to use it exclusively for all storage going forward.
  • Currently, around 40% of the data is now saved on Arweave, with the remaining 60% being processed. (Currently on Notion)
  • We are able to boost the website’s performance with the help of Vercel Edge Network which offers image optimization, page load speed & automatically data cached on the network.
  • The cost of uploading will be factor in under OpEx as per attached in Budget.
  • These are a few of the reasons we are developing Strategy No. 2 to make data management and storage easier for everyone to utilise.
  • Publish monthly data report of for public reference.
  • All compiled datas are stored in Nouns Archive’s notion.

RSS Feed

Utilising a simplified and condensed data feed can be more efficient than navigating through an entire website for the required information, making data feed crucial for individual use cases. That is why we’re adding feed as a new feature, to make it easier for you to access the data you need and achieve your goals more efficiently.

We will provide a few types of feed for the main & sub-category pages ;

  • RSS feed - /page/rss.xml
  • Atom feed - /page/atom.xml
  • JSON feed - /page/feed.json

The data we have gathered can be utilised by everyone in the ecosystem for their own unique purposes. For instance, a mini companion app can directly use the JSON feed to list all proposals in NSFW Small Grants.

Measuring Success

We believe data transparency is important for the DAO & community. We are using Audiences in Vercel Analytics to get detailed insights. Audiences provide in-depth information about your website’s visitors, new metrics like top pages, top referrers, and demographics including information on countries, operating systems, and browsers.

As of 29th March - 11th April 2023,

  • Visitors & Page Views

  • Panels

Sustainability Strategy

The main intention of this project is to provide long-term benefits for Nouns. It serves as main archive center that provides wide media contents all over Nouns ecosystem for public reference. Once the open-source repository is public, we will be able to observe other NFT communities with active builders & projects and who benefits from Nouns’ product to use it such as ;

Possible Candidates

  • Nouns’ extension & derivatives
  • Meebits
  • On-Chain Monkey
  • UMA
  • TinyDinos
  • Anata

How to ensure people to use it?
By building & provide the right tools for the DAO, there is always a user (together with the marketing support)

What is next?
We will be still working on as the main platform by maintaining and upgrading it from time to time based on DAO’s vision and community feedbacks.

4. Deliverables

  • Maintaining & developing with all existing & incoming database of medias & arts in Nouns’ ecosystem for the next 6 months.
  • Curated submission form & uploader. (under Strategy)
  • Toolings R&D. (under Strategy)
  • Nouns Archive repository.
  • Daily nounish post in randomly manner on our social media, Nouns Archive.

Short-term checklist

Long-term checklist

5. Team

6. Budget

192.4K USDC (~106 ETH at current prices) to fund development of over the next 6 months (May '23-Oct '23).

  • 145.8K USDC (78 ETH) ; 2 engineers, 2 datas & 1 design

    • 7.5K USDC/4 ETH monthly - Voadz (FT)
    • 9.5K USDC/5 ETH monthly - Nero One (FT)
    • 4.5K USDC/2.5 ETH monthly - Jakz (PT)
    • 2.8K USDC/1.5 ETH monthly - 0xHertz (PT)
  • 46.6K USDC (25 ETH) ; for OpEx including infra, tooling, bounties, operation, marketing

    • 2.8K USDC/1.5 ETH monthly - Diqalurima (PT)

*The increase in compensation is due to increase scope of work for each individual, more unseen work with small details and adding more specific builders.

Funds will be received by the Nouns Archive multi-sig (3/4) and then released via streams with the current signers ;

Nero One
Joel Cares

Multisig address ; 0xdd7e4d8A5FEF6702F7e9C5B45dB440ba7a6e00c0

Feedbacks are welcomed, thanks!

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