Proposal: Regional Colors 🎨

Expanding Nouns through art

Nouns are growing each day, and even in multiple languages! so far, we covered Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Chinese ( and English of course).

So, here’s the idea:
Coloring contests for each Nouns language community.

  • We already made the basic infrastructure for this: Website (needs translation and optimization).
  • The content is available for free: 4 Coloring Books (110+ unique pages)
  • I already have the experience: 2 coloring contests made (+1 made by NounsDAO)

We will achieve 3 massive things:

  • Expand Nouns to new horizons and languages.
  • Expose nouns to new artists and creators who can possibly make a new proposal in the future.
  • Help to grow those branches to get more attention which will grow the baseline of Nouns.

Funds requested and breakdown:

Cost of Each contest: 2 ETH
I’ve done two variations of them so far:

1st: 0.5
2nd: .3
3rd: .2
10 runner ups (0.1 each)


Digital_________ Physical
1st: 0.5 ________ 1st: 0.5
2nd: 0.3 ________ 2nd: 0.3
3rd: 0.2 ________ 3rd: 0.2
no runner-ups (all prizes are in ETH).

+0.5 eth going to contest organizers of their respective language (usually 3 to 5 people) I’ll help and guide them in the whole process.

6 contests (1 contest per month*) in a different language:
Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Chinese.
*We can make these contest in a faster pace as well.

Total Contests cost: 15.5 eth (I’ve added 0.5 eth to cover gas fees)

Translation costs: 1.2 ETH (0.2 per language)

Design, format, and update all books (24) for the next 6 languages: 4.8 eth.

Website re-design ( ), updates, testing, optimization + maintenance (6 months): 8 eth.
I actually made some improvements to the website but will need more time to develop, test the user experience and make those files available in a frictionless way possible + adapt each page to their respective language.

Grand Total: 29.5 ETH

------------------------------------------- ⌐◨-◨ Nounish Stats -------------------------------------------

Last Contest Numbers (July - August 2022):

Previous contest (February 2022):

Average number of entries per contest: 60+

Using these numbers, we can calculate that those contests can get an approximate of 210K impressions, 360+ entries and more than 78 winners in total. Of course, these are rough estimates because we can get more or less people participating in those contests.

This will directly benefit the new regional communities and foster a thriving community of creators/builders, and NounsDAO will expand faster in those languages.

I’m open to your feedback, thanks so much for reading this :grin: :crayon: :art:


Hey Messhup!

I obviously love this and would like to see it become a reality.
I can help with Portuguese translation and my kid will always be colouring these pages :heart_eyes:

All the best!