Proposal: Regional Colors 🎨

Expanding Nouns through art

Nouns are growing each day, and even in multiple languages! so far, we covered Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Chinese ( and English of course).

So, here’s the idea:
Coloring contests for each Nouns language community.

  • We already made the basic infrastructure for this: Website (needs translation and optimization).
  • The content is available for free: 4 Coloring Books (110+ unique pages)
  • I already have the experience: 2 coloring contests made (+1 made by NounsDAO)

We will achieve 3 massive things:

  • Expand Nouns to new horizons and languages.
  • Expose nouns to new artists and creators who can possibly make a new proposal in the future.
  • Help to grow those branches to get more attention which will grow the baseline of Nouns.

Funds requested and breakdown:

Cost of Each contest: 2 ETH
I’ve done two variations of them so far:

1st: 0.5
2nd: .3
3rd: .2
10 runner ups (0.1 each)


Digital_________ Physical
1st: 0.5 ________ 1st: 0.5
2nd: 0.3 ________ 2nd: 0.3
3rd: 0.2 ________ 3rd: 0.2
no runner-ups (all prizes are in ETH).

+0.5 eth going to contest organizers of their respective language (usually 3 to 5 people) I’ll help and guide them in the whole process.

6 contests (1 contest per month*) in a different language:
Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Chinese.
*We can make these contest in a faster pace as well.

Total Contests cost: 15.5 eth (I’ve added 0.5 eth to cover gas fees)

Translation costs: 1.2 ETH (0.2 per language)

Design, format, and update all books (24) for the next 6 languages: 4.8 eth.

Website re-design ( ), updates, testing, optimization + maintenance (6 months): 8 eth.
I actually made some improvements to the website but will need more time to develop, test the user experience and make those files available in a frictionless way possible + adapt each page to their respective language.

Grand Total: 29.5 ETH

------------------------------------------- ⌐◨-◨ Nounish Stats -------------------------------------------

Last Contest Numbers (July - August 2022):

Previous contest (February 2022):

Average number of entries per contest: 60+

Using these numbers, we can calculate that those contests can get an approximate of 210K impressions, 360+ entries and more than 78 winners in total. Of course, these are rough estimates because we can get more or less people participating in those contests.

This will directly benefit the new regional communities and foster a thriving community of creators/builders, and NounsDAO will expand faster in those languages.

I’m open to your feedback, thanks so much for reading this :grin: :crayon: :art:


Hey Messhup!

I obviously love this and would like to see it become a reality.
I can help with Portuguese translation and my kid will always be colouring these pages :heart_eyes:

All the best!


I love the idea of a coloring contest for the different communities! I do have a few questions regarding the proposal and how the funds will be used.

+0.5 eth going to contest organizers of their respective language (usually 3 to 5 people) I’ll help and guide them in the whole process.

Are these people from the specific communities? For instance, if you did one in Portuguese, you would reach out to people like Leo? Just trying to get specifics here.

Translation costs: 1.2 ETH (0.2 per language)

What will be translated here?

Design, format, and update all books (24) for the next 6 languages: 4.8 eth.

I looked through the coloring books and it seemed like there was maybe 1 page at the end that needed updating that had english? Could we get rid of this cost by eliminating that page?

Website re-design ( ), updates, testing, optimization + maintenance (6 months): 8 eth.

I would like to know more about the website updates. Since the 8eth is a large chunk of the ask, wanted to clarify what needed to be updated on the website.

One last thing I was thinking about is if there was a way to collaborate with The Noun Square since we are already working on reaching an international audience. I feel like your art combined with their reach would cast a larger net, and would proliferate the meme more.

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Thanks for the questions ser, I think I didn’t explain too much about this before, so here it goes.

Yes! The 0.5eth is for different people inside those communities, the example of Leo is perfect, he is a Portuguese speaker and he can help organize the project with let’s say B and NounsDAO Brasil team (this is an example). Some extra work must be done, for example, gathering all the entries and classifying them by the name of the participants. After that I’ll upload them to the Brazilian contests section, and we can show all the contests and entries from that particular language.

The coloring books (cover, back cover, credits, and bonus pages), plus a portion of text for the website.

Can you please elaborate more on this? I can’t understand clearly what’s the page, feel free to upload the page here.

So, the website is just a landing page by now, but I need to improve the user flow in every language (I want to add a more compartmentalized UX but will make my best to keep every design efficient and offer the people a frictionless way to see and download the pages + see the contests made by their regional branch). Reaching the level of efficiency is what it takes most of the time for that, so basically, iteration and optimization are the things that will consume most of my time here.

Yes! I love the idea to integrate these contests with Noun Square, I mentioned that on discord as well, the only thing that needs to be coordinated is with the regional communities, because in my case I don’t want to force them to do it in a certain way, but rather just to help and guide them if they need some assistance, and of course, have the website translated and ready for the audience when they need the content in their own language.

I don’t know how Noun Square is going to manage the language spaces but in my mind, each regional community was in charge of their twitter and they will be running the contest from that same account similar to what I’ve done before, but if there’s a better way, I’m all in to support the idea because what worked for me in the past I know it can be improved for these regional contests. I’m totally open to discussing the best way to integrate these two amazing props together :saluting_face:

Thanks for the feedback ser, hope this can clarify some of the details :grin:


Thanks so much for the support, my friend!
Really appreciate it :star_struck: :partying_face:

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This is an amazing Prop that will surely help the proliferation of Nouns. Looking at a place like Africa where multiple languages come into play. This would be a great start!

Quick Question: Is there a way more languages can be added?

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Thanks for the support!
I was taking these 6 languages first because they are the most spoken languages in the world and that means nouns could reach a high user base way faster. But I think these coloring books have the potential to be translated into any language tbh.


Great idea and discussion. Just wanted to say it looks good to me. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support ser :saluting_face:

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Love this. Messhup translated some of the books for me to give out to the children in the hospitals here in the Dominican Republic, that was amazing. Messhup keep it up. :heart:

Would be amazing to have the books translated to more languages.

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Thanks so much, Necfas! really appreciate it, hope the children are enjoying the coloring books, and I love the amazing impact your prop already made :pray:

hey messhup, this proposal was discussed today in private amongst some nouners and i wanted to share some feedback/questions. i am a huge fan of yours and love your efforts to contribute to the DAO - but there were some concerns about this proposal.

there are 2 main components to this proposal - the contests, and the websites. the translation stuff is relatively cheap and wasn’t commented on too much


  • I am a big fan of contests and am generally supportive of these efforts. i was blown away by the results of the first coloring book contest, which has really impacted my thinking on contests and the generation of user generated content
  • Some people expressed concern that these contests may not be as creative as the contests that are being done during NoC, nor reach as wide an audience.
  • The coloring contest has been a hit, but some expressed they’d like to see new types of contests instead of running the same thing again
  • I like the idea of reaching an international, non-english speaking audience, but there is some execution risk in training a team of 3+ to run these contests, maybe a trial is appropriate first?


  • The website right now is just links to the coloring book pages and amazon - what is your vision for this site that it needs 8 ETH and six months of work?

Awesome! thanks for the support and detailed feedback, ser.


  • Yeah, they are slightly different from the NoC contests because it’s focused on the coloring books. Not sure about the reach though, can you please expand on that one? Sure, this format is a bit older than the NoC, but it’s also a bit longer, I haven’t seen all their contests, but I think theirs are daily.

  • And basically, these coloring contests are focused to find artists in those communities, artists that could be attracted to make a proposal in the regional branch, or directly in NounsDAO. Take April for example (@0xaprilia in twitter), she first joined the coloring contest, and then she started to work with several Nounish branches, like Gnars and now she’s in NoC as one of their main artists. I haven’t talked with her about her journey, but based on her activity on twitter, she first discovered nouns through the coloring contest and now is a strong nounish artist offering a lot of value to several props.

  • This can be a complimentary contest, not the only one of course, since those communities are just starting, I thought we can make something similar to NounsDAO (not sure if the coloring contest was the first contest made by the DAO, but was back in December). Regional communities have a long road ahead, and I thought this could be one of the contests they can host.

  • Yeah, it’s difficult to train them but not that difficult, one thing we have in our favor is I’m going to be with them in each contest (I think I mentioned that in the prop), and most of them already speak English! So, is not a big deal to train them to do this. Plus, they will have the knowledge to run more contests in the future :wink:

This is the current website:

This is an idea on how each book can look like:

The User flow can be updated to something similar to this

The website is basically the first contact that regional people will have when they want to download the books.

Right now the website is a bit weird, you have to download a huge file to see the coloring books, and I’m trying to make it easier to download individual pages and check them out before committing to download something because that’s a question we had before, like, if the files were safe to download and that’s stuff.

Plus, the coloring books actually are way more complex than just 3 covers, I want to show more details in a single page for each book, similar to an Amazon product page (not the same, but similar).

Hope that clarifies more the approach :pray:
Let me know if you have more questions.

I am a big fan of your work! I think your contributions to the nouns is priceless. I would encourage you to find a nouner who would sponsor to put this proposal on chain.

The website might be a bit over the price as noun22 mentioned. Just find a different team who can accomplish all your vision for the website for a smaller amount of eth.

I would also add some eth, to the budget, to compensate your work to organize the regional colors contests. It is important that talented people like you make enough money and continue contributing to NounsDAO.