Proposal: December Nouns on canvases

Proposal: December Nouns on canvases

A unique experience for the community and owners!

(Text below is written by Mike, direct speech is used in quotation marks)

Hello there Nounders, Nowners, and Nouns community! It’s Anastasia and Mike here. We are extremely delighted to present you with our idea, particularly dedicated to the last month of this year! But firstly, let us introduce ourselves😉

Anastasia: “Hey! As you already know, My name is Anastasia, I’m a female artist and student from Moscow! I love art, feel like it has always been a huge part of my life. Apart from painting, I’m passionate about literature and reading books overall.”

Mike: “Hey everyone! Some of you might already know me, I’m a freelance artist, student, and enthusiast from Moscow. My nature is in love with both finance and painting, that’s why I got into NFT space. My main goal is to make people around me feel happy☀️”

Now you know who we are! So without any hesitation, let’s plunge into the topic!


Important to say, Anastasia and I are in love with what the NounsDAO community has already built and are fascinated by the impact it has on the whole NFT space. Honestly speaking, we genuinely believe that building a strong community around the project is dramatically compelling and with NounsDAO, it couldn’t be better❤️

Anyways, we both wanted to make something outstanding for December Nouns buyers, like an additional Christmas gift :gift:

That’s where we came out with an idea to make every single Noun, minted from 1th to 31st December even more unique than ever before - draw each one of them on the canvas (Anastasia has an exceptionally creative look at this) and mail the drawings to the owners✨



  1. In case the auction winner doesn’t wish to share a personal address / has any other reasons not to do so, he/she will be rewarded with a digital canvas(high-quality photo of the physical) - NFT. All unsent canvases will be delivered to NounsDAO creators’ preferred address.

  2. We fancy quality over quantity, that’s why we are setting the creation process to take place in December 2021 - January 2022. (That means there could be a situation when a Noun isn’t painted the exact day it is auctioned on Nouns website)

To share more details, here are the roles both of us are going to have:

Anastasia: “I will be responsible for the creativity part - all 31 Nouns will be drawn by me.:writing_hand:

Mike: “I will be managing the communication, negotiation, funding aspects, and canvas delivery to the owners.”

Moreover, we would love to bring as much value to the NounsDAO community as possible. So we made a decision to create a Twitter account to share the process of creation throughout the whole period☀️

Link: TBA.

Canvas specs:

  • 30x30cm / 12x12 inches size


Considering the delivery costs, our efforts put into the notion, we ended up on 0.2ETH per painting or 6.2ETH for 31 in total.


0xE6A41335b7E6265558Cb84610eC43136e22161d5 - Mike’s ETH wallet.

(NFTs will be minted by this address)

After receiving the funds, we plan to withdraw ~half of the ETH through a Binance exchange to cover the first-time operations. The other half will be taken out after the outlined period.

Funds division between Anastasia and Mike: 50/50

When are we planning to start?

If the community decides to fund us, we will start on the 1st of December🎄


Anastasia: ig - opiatiaustala

Mike: ig - gavrilovmike, Twitter - gavrilov_mike, Opensea - gavrilovmike, Foundation - 07

Again, we are charmed by an opportunity to honor NounsDAO efforts and make your works even more valuable through our art❤️

We would be happy to answer any questions!


Anastasia & Mike

**You can see more work by Anastasia on her Instagram page:sparkles:

A quick update:

We want to bring as much value as possible to the community. That’s why we should clarify 3 more things:

  1. ALL the auctions winners, starting 1st of December to the 31st of December will also be awarded with an NFT canvas - a high-quality photo of the physical canvas.

  2. After drawing all 31 Nouns we are going to unite them all into 1 minimalistic PDF file, which will be also sent to all of the auction winners as an NFT + A physical piece shipment on request.

  3. Delivery info should be sent to any of Mike’s socials(links above in the proposal)

Hope our efforts will be paid off by your support! Feel free to ask any questions)
Anastasia & Mike

Hi @mike thanks for the proposal!

Thanks for taking the time to write this out - I think the art looks very cool!

When I think about the best ways to proliferate Nouns, I think the best ways are thought digitally-native mediums - much like Nouns themselves. We can use the internet to instantly send information everywhere and get everyone to see it. That is what I think the benefit of NFTs are compared to physical art, especially when our goal is to increase awareness and make Nouns ubiquitous.

Here are some of the issues I see with the proposal now:

  • The actual artwork will only go to 31 Nouns that get minted in December, which excludes current Nouns
  • Privately owned physical art work is not the ideal way to proliferate internet content
  • Many Nouns are anonymous and may not want to receive physical art by mail

Instead, I think you would have better luck if you offered this service to Noun owners, for a price, and did privately commissioned works for those who are interested. I think that it would have a better impact because then you’d know all the buyers wanted them, and would share them on social media to increase their impact and the likelihood that others would commission them as well.


Hey @noun22 , I really appreciate your respond!

Firstly, I totally agree upon the thought that Nouns is firstly about bridging awareness to the community digitally, through NFTs or other ways. It’s all about anonymity in the first place)

It’s a no brainer that we should give as much gratitude and value to current Nouns owners, because I’m sure that the project is just at its beginning👀

Speaking about your idea, I personally think it would be a better way to make it all real the way you described. At least Anastasia and I will be sure that the owners are actually interested in the art we’re making.

I think we will go this way then, I just need to find the best way to present the idea to the community🤩

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