Nouns Hackathon


Nouns is hosting a Hackathon!

View the current thoughts here: Nouns Hackathon


The Nouns invite you to the first ever Nouns hackathon! This 48 hour online event will bring together artists, builders, and Noun enthusiasts to work on Nouns related projects to learn new things and compete for prizes. Meet new friends from the Nouns community and learn new skills in this sprint to build on our protocol.

Four Categories:


Art projects could take the form of new components for the Nouns protocol (heads, bodies, etc.), physical artwork, and Nouns in new mediums.


The On-Chain category is for projects that push the Nouns ecosystem forward using on-chain smart contracts, building encoders/decoders for on-chain artwork, or work on Noun fractionalization.


The Off-Chain category includes apps, infrastructure, integrations, and tooling surrounding the Nouns ecosystem.

Community and Sustainability

Community and Sustainability projects are focused around enabling communities to form easier, work better, and coordinate faster around Nouns and DAOs. As the NounsDAO becomes a DAO-of-DAOs being able to coordinate within DAOs will become more and more important.


  • 1st place: 10 ETH
  • 2nd place: 7 ETH
  • 3rd place: 5 ETH
  • 4th place: 3 ETH
  • 5th place 2 ETH

Additionally, for each project category two projects will be selected by judges as “best of” and win prizes of 5 ETH each.

Community members will also vote for their two favorite projects and those projects will receive a prize of 3 ETH.


What are we missing? What questions do you have?

Looking for a team? See the Hackathon: Looking for Team and Project Ideas thread.


Looking forward to this. Is there a specific program the nouns team would recommend when it comes to creating pixel art? I have never made the attempt and would love to go through that experience and learn.

I apologize ahead of time if discovering the correct software through trial and error is part of the learning experience. Figured given the best out there is on this project, could skip to using the best tools.

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Hey David,
On the project, we used Photoshop (and shared a swatch set of ~240 colors that we can supply if that’s helpful). But, I think you can use just about any graphics software and be just fine.

The thing I love about pixel art is that it’s barely different than the first digital art I even made on Koala Pad for Apple II or with a mouse in MS Paint. I hope it feels natural to make really reduced forms in a small grid of pixels. It’s very fun.

hi Gremplin,
Thanks for this, so great. I have lived with closed shape and paint bucket for decades, so I want to play around some more ( pardon the slow reply, I am catching up with all the fun I’ve missed. )
I will look into this more, and wow MS paint! ( I spent too much time in Mario paint, had the super famicom version on release day, the music maker… so good )

I’m interested in reviving this; we can leave it as is or:

  1. Expand Time frame to 1-2Weeks (to explore its potential as a more sustainable/recurring cadence)
  2. Leave reward distribution TBD (eg set pool at 25 eth to be distributed by a Coordinape round at end. Interested Nouners/Extension Reps and possibly Submitters could be eligible to vote)
  3. Was initially thinking something focused on technical submissions but I like the idea of opening it up.

Anyone interested in helping market? Or taking over the initiative entirely lol

Love this idea. Hackathon is always good for innovation!